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Drum Depot Motherdrummer (Moog DFAM) Sample Pack WAV [FREE]

The Motherdrummer [92 minutes of Moog DFAM] Initially I wanted to create a new drum pack with my Moog DFAM. But honestly, this wasn’t really possible, because the DFAM is just not a regular groovebox or drumsynth. It’s more like a percussive-synth-thingie with huge focus on permanently changing and evolving…

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Drum Depot Vinyl Drums (Technics 1210 mkII) WAV BATTERY GEiST AKAi MPC [FREE]

Vinyl Drums – Technics 1210 mkII as a drum machine Did you ever use a Technics 1210 mkII as a drum machine? Imagine a Technics 1210 mkII would be used as a drum machine: Jumping needles, hard scratches on the vinyl surface, scrapes and so on … everything that gives…

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