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Ab sofort ist der Blog unter der Domain https://music-society.de erreichbar.

Das alte Forum geht im Moment nicht, aber wird aller Vorsausicht unter der Domain https://forum.music-society.de erreichbar sein. Vielleicht spendiere eine eigene Domain. Aber erst muss es wieder funktionieren

The blog is now available at the domain https://music-society.de.

The old forum is not working at the moment, but will most likely be accessible under the domain https://forum.music-society.de. I may donate a separate domain. But first it has to work again

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Extractor by miniSoftmusik x86 VSTI Windows Free Download

Extractor is a wavetable synthesizer with 4 oscillators per 1-128 partials. Waveforms can be extracted from any wave file (if the wave file is small (min 512 samples) the result is more like the original). It’s possible to save the result as a txt-file and to load it. Extractor has 4 oscillators…

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Revsonix Style ORGAN Rotary Speaker Scanner Vibrato Plugin by VisareTone x86 VSTI VST Windows Free

Revsonix Style ORGAN is a virtual simulation of the Scanner Vibrato and the Rotary Speakers. VST plugin effect for Classic Organ, Electric Guitar and more instruments. Bank –47 Presets. Standard Scanner Vibrato: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3. Rotary Speakers: Precise setting of modulation for the Bass and Treble Horn,…

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Dan Keen NFO: Orchestral Swells Kontakt Decent Sampler [FREE]

600 recordings from over 40 players of the Northern Film Orchestra About a year ago, I got an email from Jack Hughes, founder of the Northern Film Orchestra, based in Manchester. Following my Soft String Spurs project and my Isolation Collaboration, he proposed we do a similar thing but on…

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Dan Keen Solo Cello Spurs Kontakt Decent Sampler [FREE]

Evolutions that grow out of single notes from a solo cello. Welcome to Solo Cello Spurs! Truth be told, during the last weeks of 2020, I’ve been recording a brand new sample library in with many modules and layers, due to be released soon! This library is the first in…

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Bansaw Crown Band Saturator v1.0 VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC [FREE]

Three unique, carefully curated, saturation flavors you can apply to instruments, drums, vocals, or your entire mix. The plugin features versatile pre-post filter options, resonance level, and hard/soft clipping allowing precise control over the sonic qualities of your sound. Band Saturator, free version, is the perfect introduction to its big brother,…

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SampleScience Majestic Celesta Piano v1.0 x64 VSTi VSTi3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

Discover our Celesta Virtual Instrument plugin, a digital rendition of the bell piano. It features a multi-sampled celesta and adds effects like distortion, delay, chorus, and reverb. It also includes a multi-LFO, amplitude ADSR, and a lowpass/highpass filter. Majestic Celesta is perfect for film scoring, video game music productions, and…

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Atlas Audio Auraleak (Vocal Compressor) v1.0.0 VST3 AAX WiNDOWS [FREE]

A VERSATILE PLUGIN, DEVELOPED WITH THE AURALEAK MUSIC BAND. Features Compression Modes Clean Mode: Soft compression with 5ms attack and 250ms release. Scream Mode: Hard compression with 1.8ms attack and 150ms release. Threshold: Amount of compression you want. Saturation: Add saturation to disort your vocals. Sibilance: How much “ess” you…

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Zen Autopan Auto Pan by Wild Surmise Music IOS Free

FX Forms #002 – Zen AutoPan from Wild Surmise Music, second offering in the series of AUv3 FX plugins. Note: This needs a compatible DAW App such as Logic Pro, AUM, Cubasis, Garageband etc to use the AUv3 plugin. Zen AutoPan is not merely a tool, but an invitation to…

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Subhoofer Saturation effect Plugin by Ardura x64 VST3 Windows MacOS Linux free

Subhoofer is a bass enhancement saturation plugin, along with a subharmonic generator. Subhoofer is aimed at being a replacement for other subharmonic generation plugins. Use it to make your bass audible on small speakers or extend the sub range in bass signals! You can also beef up guitars, add bass…

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Aeolian Meditation by Ocean Swift Synthesis x64 x86 VSTI Windows Free download

Aeolian Meditation is a soundscape generator. A complex addictive-additive synthesizer playground with a unique a-symmetrical design capable of generating unique and beautiful melodies, meditative and hypnotic drone tones, movie and musical soundscapes. At the core of these Additive Synthesizers are two signal chains of harmonic overtones and noise colors. Additive Oscillator…

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Analog Obsession ATONE v1.0 WiN macOS [FREE]

A Channel Strip with A-Type EQ, Filters and 436 style Compressor It has lots of capabilities for tone shaping with its own custom design and internal routing. There is no line or mic preamp as an input module but INPUT knob will drive EQ circuit’s Gain Trim to get nasty…

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Audiority Dr Drive (Analog Modeled Modern Overdrive) v1.3 VST VST3 AU CLAP AAX WiN MAC [FREE]

Dr Drive is an analog simulation of a modern overdrive inspired by the Horizon Devices® Precision Drive™. This overdrive fits a large variety of applications for either the classic and the modern metal guitar player. DR DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS Analog Modelled Overdrive Drive, Tone, Attack and Level controls Pre and Post effect…

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nakst ExtraBold v1.0.0 x64 CLAP FLSTUDIO Windows MacOS Linux [FREE]

Perfect for beginners. ExtraBold uses traditional subtractive synthesis, with 3 powerful oscillators and a multi-mode filter. Its simple design and clear, one-page layout makes exploring its sonic landscape a breeze. More information on the link below. https://nakst.itch.io/extrabold Visits: 2

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Initial Audio Initial Clipper v1.1.0 VST VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC [FREE]

nitial Clipper is a free soft clipper plugin which prevents your audio signal from going above zero decibels. It does this by smoothing the peaks with soft clipping starting from the threshold. The faster and higher the peaks the more you need to bring down the threshold to get a…

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Horus mkII by B Serrano x86 VSTI Windows Free Download

Horus mkII is a remade version of Horus string machine. MkII new features: Waveform choice for Strings and LFO. Phaser’s speed coefficient (a pop-up menu by clicking on “Speed” label. Mono mode with portamento. Vibrato by Mod-wheel, Breath or pedal. Fake LCD display for patch management. New appearence. Horus basic specifications:…

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Bazz Murda by DistoCore x86 x64 VSTI AU Windows MacOS Free Download

Bazz Murda Free is a bass/kick synthesizer. It is aimed at hard electronic music like hardcore, gabber, drum&bass and dubstep. FM carrier frequency modulation. 2 voices unison. Option for adding clicks for drum sounds. 127 factory presets with many powerful kicks, bass and synth sounds. Kick/drum mode for playing low frequency…

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Platonic World War Drumz VSTi v1.01 x86 Windows PayWare

War Drumz is a unique VST not quite a drum machine and not quite a Synthesizer, it contains elements of both and new features not seen on either. Features like the Variable Rhythm Generators that create the rhythms and the Bi-polar Distortion, kind of a mix between a bit crusher,…

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Blinksonic PROCESSORZ v2.0.1 for Reaktor 6-ohsie [FREE]


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DMG Audio TrackControl v1.13 x64 x86 VST VST3 AU AAX RTAS WiN MAC [FREE]

Everything, in one place. All the utilities from the top and bottom of a console channel. Plus MS Panning, time compensation and more. Features Free for anyone with a DMGAudio account Fully equipped stereo toolkit M/S encode and decode M/S and L/R Panning Stereo Width control Channelstrip input controls for Phase…

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The Usual Suspects Osirus (DSP56300 Emulator) 1.3.10 VSTI VSTI3 AU AAX CLAP LV2 MultiOS + ROM’s [FREE]

Motorola DSP563xx Emulation. Working Access Music Virus ROM’s included! Working Access Virus ROM’s included: Virus A (v2.80) Virus B (4v9) Virus B (Ver. T) Virus C (6v5) Virus C (6v6) Virus Classic Virus GmbH – Virus B & Virus C Virus Rack XL (6v5) the changelog is very long and…

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The Usual Suspects Vavra (DSP56300 Emulator) 1.3.10 x64 VSTI VSTI3 AU CLAP LV2 MultiOS + ROM’s [FREE]

Motorola DSP563xx Emulation. Working Waldorf MicroQ ROM’s included! The Usual Suspects, the developers of the DSP56300 emulator, have dropped Vavra, a new Synthesizer plugin recreating Waldorf microQ. Many well-known 90s virtual analog synthesizers are based on the Motorola DSP5630 DSP. For example, the Access Virus series A, B, C, TI,…

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Lucid Storm Audio Somnium Kontakt [FREE]

Somnium is a sample library for Kontakt that allows you to create rich and evolving sounds using analog synth waveforms. Blend triangle, saw, and square waveforms with the XY pad, and add depth, dimension and textures with 6 unique convolution effects. Somnium is perfect for ambient, cinematic, and experimental music….

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Nami Audio Cassette Op Lite Version Kontakt [FREE]

Synth patches and custom Drum Kit from the OP-1. Recorded on a vintage 4 tracks cassette deck for a beautiful crushed tone. 3 OP-1 instruments Synths and Drum Kit Recorded on a vintage 4 track deck Full version of KONTAKT 6.8.0 or higher needed Lite version: FREE One control per…

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Tracktion Waveform Free v12.5.21b x64 LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE]

The world’s best, fully featured, completely unlimited free DAW for all music creators. Band Recorder A highly efficient audio engine, intuitive recording workflows and rapid mixing capabilities make Waveform Free the perfect choice for multi-track band recordings. 15 new audio FX are on hand for processing and support for VST,…

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VZTec Malibu (Singletone Reverb-Tremolo Pedal) v0.1.0 VST VST3 AU LV2 CLAP LiNUX WiN MAC [FREE]

This is a plugin that digitally replicates the reverb-tremolo pedal Malibu from the Singletone brand. This tool allows you not only to incorporate the characteristic audio of the Malibu into your productions but also to remotely test the pedal from your home or studio. The plugin has two modes of operation….

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Westwood Instruments Roots Untold Strings KONTAKT [FREE]

Strings transfigured into a mesmerising wall of sound. For any story; real, imaginary or that blurry place between the two. Made from the violas in our award-winning library, Novella Origin. We believe that the overwhelming number of choices you have as a music maker can lead to decision paralysis and…

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