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Ronan Fed Pneuma Pro v1.1.1 VSTi VSTi3 WiN [FREE]

Pneuma Pro is a polyphonic synthesizer for EDM and all genres of music that features:

• 4 Multi-Type and Multi-Voice Oscillators with Sync and FM.
• Noise Oscillator.
• Sub Oscillator.
• 2 Sample Oscillators.
• 3 Filters.
• 2 AHDSR Filter Envelopes.
• AHDSR Amplitude Envelope.
• 4 AHDSR Modulation Envelopes.
• 4 LFOs.
• Misc. Modulation.
• Step Sequencer.
• Chords Generator.
• Arpeggiator.
• Distortion.
• Parametric EQ.
• Chorus.
• Phaser.
• Delay.
• Reverb.
• Compressor.
• Main Saturation, Bass Boost, Stereo, Vibrato and Glide.
• Oscilloscope and Frequency Spectrum Monitor.
• 910 Factory Presets.

Change Log:

Instruments Oscillators CPU usage optimization.
Replaced “Pizzi” Instrument.
Fixed “Load Sample” menu option in Sample Oscillators.
Fixed Vibrato amount value in the Misc. Mod.
Added negative values to the Misc. Mod Destination knobs.
Added 30 new Factory Presets.
Minor GUI modifications.
Updated Manual.


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