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Zen Autopan Auto Pan by Wild Surmise Music IOS Free

FX Forms #002 – Zen AutoPan from Wild Surmise Music, second offering in the series of AUv3 FX plugins. Note: This needs a compatible DAW App such as Logic Pro, AUM, Cubasis, Garageband etc to use the AUv3 plugin. Zen AutoPan is not merely a tool, but an invitation to…

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MM SY 59 VECTORIZOR by Maschinenmusik VSTI x86 Windows Free

MM SY 59 VECTORIZOR is a monophonic sequenced synthesizer. 2 oscillators with selectable waveforms and morphable variations (x/y control). 2 filters with morphing capabilities, ringmodulation, warping and distortion and autopan per oscillator. 4 syncable stepsequencers with slew and velocity control are used to modulate amp, filter1, filter 2, ringmodulation and warp….

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Psytrance Plugins Samplur PROEffects v1.0 Bundle x64 VST VST3 AU WiNDOWS MACOS [FREE]

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Samplur PROEffects is a FREE pack of 20 effects for Windows and Mac OS X. This pack brings: – Samplur PROAnalyzer – multi-band frequency analyzer, LUFS, correlation and L/R mode. – Samplur PRO-M-Compressor – multi-band/4-band compressor. – Samplur PRO-M-Delay – multi-band delay. – Samplur PRO-M-Filter – multi-band filter with LFO,…

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Airwindows Bundle v09.2023 Window macOS Linux VST AU LV2 x64 x84[FREE]

Welcome to Airwindopedia! This is a complilation of the plugin-related bits from all my plugin posts. As such, this is as close to a full documentation of the Airwindows plugins as you’ll find. In some cases I’ll have added explanation, or I might be able to expand on things as…

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Homegrown Sounds 32-bit VST Collection for PC by Homegrown Sounds[Windows,VSTI,VST,Bundle,x86] Free

NOTE: This VST Plugin is 32-bit only The idea behind Mesh was to create a Virtual Analogue mono synth in the style of the Minimoog with the addition of 5 Tempo based LFOs for exploring rhythmic potential. In comparison to previous Homegrown Synths, Mesh is very simple using 3 Oscillators and a…

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Bobinger Audio Stereo Spread FM v1.1 (For NI Reaktor) WiN macOS [FREE]

Stereo Spread FM Reaktor Synthesizer FM synth with stereo signal path and panning & filter modulation. Stereo Spread FM Minimum Reaktor 6.4+ 1.1 Update Dark Clean GUI. Added Autopan and i deleted the Rounds Delay and Reverb. If you need any FX just add them to the Ensemble or after…

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