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Instruments By Lamprey Endure Synth Bass NEAT KONTAKT [FREE]

Endure is a free synth bass library designed to add weight and power to the low end of any production. It boasts 10 patches, each with 3 octaves of multi-velocity samples to give you the creative freedom you need. Effects include Drive, Lo-Fi, Lowpass Filter and Cabinet Simulation, all of…

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Instruments By Lamprey Zephyr Panpipe Pads NEAT KONTAKT [FREE]

Zephyr is a free lightweight pad library designed from heavily processing a series of Panpipe Recordings. The recordings are heavily stretched and layered to create an ethereal, piercing, almost haunting timbre. Keyrange C4-C7 and ADSR controls included to sculpt the sound. Kontakt effects include Reverb, Delay & Chorus. Available for…

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