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99Sounds Cinematic Transitions WAV KONTAKT ·FREE·


99Sounds proudly presets Cinematic Transitions, a collection of 50 free transition sound effects crafted by Gonçalo Penas.


We asked Gonçalo to describe the sound design process and some of the techniques he used to create Cinematic Transitions.

“I started my work on the transition sounds by generating a collection of ‘raw’ source files, including field recordings and synthesized sounds. I recorded random metallic mechanisms in a warehouse setting, some bicycles, passing-by vehicles, and various everyday objects I could get my hands on.

After gathering the source files, I converted them into a new batch of mangled sounds, mainly following a whoosh-type envelope. These mangled noises served as the source files for the second generation of sounds, which came from convolution processes, time-stretching, granular resampling, or pitch shifting. I also transformed and ‘destroyed’ many synthesized sounds (alarm sounds, bass hits, synth stabs, etc.) using a similar method.

The next step involved a lot of experimentation and sound exploration. I selected the best source sounds and layered them together to create transition sound effects that followed the theme of a sinister, cavernous, beastly ambiance. I tried to design organic sounds with plenty of movement and expression while aiming for an abstract sci-fi aesthetic.

The resulting transition SFX sounds are ready to use in any cinematic project. They are articulate, impactful, and carefully mixed to fill the frequency spectrum.”


· 50 transition sound effects (whooshes, passbys, flybys, abstract, cinematic.
· 24-bit WAV
· Royalty-free.



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