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MonsterDAW MONSTER Guitar v1.0 x32 x64 VSTI VSTI3 AU WiN MACOS [FREE]

#MonsterGuitarVST is a Free Guitar VST with various Preset, including Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and soon some Ukulele Preset too. It covers multi music genres, from Reggae to Pop to Rock and everything in between. I made this Monster Guitar as a tool to make a MIDI mockup when I…

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MonsterDAW MONSTER Voxana v1.0 x32 x64 VSTI AU WiN MAC [FREE]

MONSTER Voxana, a FREE Vocal VST Instrument with Beatbox, Choir, Vocal Chops sounds! WHAT IT IS? #MonsterVoxanaVST is a Free Vocal VST Instruments with various Modes! It covers all kinds of vocal presets, from Beatbox, Choirs, Vocal Chops, and everything in between. It’s suitable for any kind of music genre,…

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Elemental Child feat. Jochen – S – Rapanui

In der Antike hatten schamanische Rituale einen wichtigen Platz in der Stammeskultur der Osterinsel eingenommen. Einige dieser Zeremonien dienten vor allem dazu, den Wert junger Stammeskrieger durch eine Suche zu beweisen, aber manchmal konnte das Schicksal launisch sein. Dies war der Fall bei Bobby und Timmy, die sich noch lange an ihr erstes Ritual erinnern werden.

In the ancient times, shamanic rituals had taken an important place in the tribal culture of Easter Island. Some of these ceremonies served in particular to prove the value of young tribal warriors through a quest but sometimes fate could be capricious. This was the case for Bobby and Timmy who will remember for a long time their first ritual..

Blamsoft VK-1 Viking Synthesizer v1.0.7d1 x64 VST WiN MAC [FREE]

VK-1 Viking Synthesizer is an authentic emulation of a classic monophonic analog synthesizer. It has three continuously variable wave oscillators, two ladder filters with a Dual Lowpass or Highpass/Lowpass configuration, a multi-wave LFO, and two modulation busses. VK-1 uses state of the art DSP technology to accurately reproduce the sound…

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Convology XT by Wave Arts

Convology XT is a free convolution reverb, the result of a collaboration between Impulse Record and Wave Arts. Convology XT comes with 70+ impulse responses, lets the user quickly step through presets, and has tons of IR modification features. Users who want more IRs can purchase any of the affordable…

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The Usual Suspects DSP56300 Emulator 1.2.4 Win x64 VST2 + VST3 + ROM’s

Project Of Motorola DSP563xx Emulation. Thanks to Ayahuasca and the whole team! Working Access Virus ROM’s included: Virus B (4v9) Virus B (Ver. T) Virus C (6v5) Virus C (6v6) Virus Classic Virus GmbH – Virus B & Virus C Virus Rack XL (6v5) https://dsp56300.wordpress.com

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discoDSP Highlife Sampler updates to v1.4 [FREE]

FREE for non-commercial usage| MacOS/Windows/LiNUX  discoDSP Highlife sampler plugin can sample other VST plugins. You can turn your favorite virtual synthesizer patch into a multi-sampled library with a few clicks. Features Performance Sampler VSTi sampling (Windows v1.4 only) Zero Delay Feedback Filters (R1.3) Sample editor 5 built-in effects Flexible modulation…

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HoRNet Angle v1.0.1 MAC / WIN AU VST2.4, VST3 and AAX [FREE]

HoRNet Angle is a little handy tone shaper tool. It’s based on the concept of the “tilt eq” a special kind of equaliser designed to change the tonal balance of the track to which is applied. A “tilt eq” does not provide frequency or Q control, it simply increases or…

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HoRNet StereoView v1.0.2 MAC / WIN AU VST2.4, VST3 and AAX [FREE]

HoRNet StereoView is a correlation meter designed to help you visualise the stereo image of your [b]tracks[/b]. The design of the plugin is very straightforward and easy to understand since the interface is completely occupied by the “goniometer”: an X-Y graph that displays the intensity of the signal in the…

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Wozu bin ich hübsch?

Mittwoch, 2. Februar von 15 – 16 Uhr 

Montag, 7. Februar von 16 – 17 Uhr (Wdh.)


Verlorene Fragen treiben auf der trüben Suppe. Aber sie kann trotzdem schmecken und wer will verlorenen Bildern nachtrauern nach einer tiefer unter der Schürze genossenen Wärme? Aber was wird aus mir? Bange Fragen bilden sich neu, steigen an abkühlende Oberflächen. Und was machen sie außer bange?
Die Pandemie hat junge Menschen besonders tief getroffen, verwundet. Sich schützen ist okay, einen anderen Menschen schützen kann das schönste Beginnen sein. Aber was wird aus einem Leben, das noch nichts erfahren hat außer schützenden Aufschub? Das Schönste kann daraus immer noch werden. Sagen zwei Poetinnen, denen ihr heute zuhört, deren Bücher unter eurer Schürze schlagen wollen wie zwei Schwesterherzen: Marica Bodrožić: Pantherzeit (Essay), Safiye Can: Poesie und Pandemie (Gedichte)

Created with GIMP

© Ewart Reder

Elemental Child & Franco Galateo – Body of Evidence

In Salem, detective Ronan O’Connor finds himself a ghost after being shot by a brutal serial killer called the „Bell Killer“…..

In Salem findet sich der Kriminalbeamte Ronan O’Connor als Geist wieder, nachdem er von einem „Glockenmörder“ genannten, brutalen Serienmörder erschossen wurde……

HoRNet CompExp 1.0.1 MAC / WIN AU VST2.4, VST3 and AAX [FREE]

HoRNet CompExp is a compressor expander based on the design of a compander chip designed for telephone lines and used in many electronic devices to reduce the noise. The chip works with a fixed threshold (in our case is internally set to -18dBFS) when the “amount” knob is at a…

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Abstract Crystal Pads by SampleScience

Abstract Crystal Pads is a collection of 30 abstract pads for your film score, ambient soundtrack or your fresh new age project! Each sound is royalty-free and can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects. Features of the plugin version: 30 abstract pads. Multi-LFO. Room reverb. Lowpass/highpass filter. Low-CPU usage. Amplitude…

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Shortcurcuit XT 2022-01-18 02:09:02 UTC NIGHTLY WINDOWS/MacOS/LiNUX [FREE]

What? Shortcircuit is open source? Well yes, but there are big big caveats. Right now there are no downloadable assets you can get to play music, and there is no runnable open source Shortcircuit plugin. We estimate this will be the case for much of 2021, and maybe indefinitely. You…

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Surge XT 1.0.0 Windows/MacOS/LiNUX [FREE]

Over 2021, after the succesful release of Surge 1.9, the Surge Synth team undertook an effort to rebuild Surge in JUCE and add a variety of features. This project resulted in the new version of Surge, called ‚Surge XT‘. SYNTH SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL Synthesis method: Subtractive hybrid Each patch contain two…

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Analog Obsession YALA v5.0 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

Iconic Vari-Mu limiting amplifier with extra features! Features – VOLUME: -30 to +30dB input volume to drive circuit. You can drive circuit and get saturation plus more compression or vice versa. – ATTEN: Output volume to adjust final level after process. – THRESHOLD: Will let you set threshold to make…

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Fire by Wings Music

Fire is a multiband distortion / downsampler plugin. Drive: has several distortion functions. There are two buttons „L“ and „S“ related to drive knob, and each means „Link“ and „Safe“. „Link“ means when your turn up drive knob, the output knob value will automatically reduce. „Safe“ means if your drive knob pushes…

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Elemental Child & Frankie Kay – Demon Hunter

Demon hunters are actually stronger than most humans, either due to extensive physical training, supernatural abilities, or their demonic heritage…….

Dämonenjäger sind tatsächlich stärker als die meisten Menschen, entweder aufgrund ihres intensiven körperlichen Trainings, übernatürlicher Fähigkeiten, oder ihrer dämonischen Herkunft….

Pro Deluxe VST by Infected-Sounds

Pro Deluxe ***IMPORTANT*** This VST requires ‚Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013‘ which you can download here for free. https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=40784 Pro Deluxe is here and it is free at the moment! take full control of your sound and dive into the many modulation options, effects and parameters with the…

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Djup by Fanan Team

Djup is a light weight nordish style bass module that based on 8 classic nordish bass models from the past 40 years. It’s main advantage is solid, powerful electric bass sound that can perform loudly in full legato without any additional amplification or compression. It’s armed with lo pass –…

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Elemental Child – The Metal Kid

A father made of wood struggles to support his son made of metal, who needs wood to survive. The bigger the boy gets, the higher his consumption is until one day he even razes their house to the ground…..

Ein Vater aus Holz kämpft darum, seinen Sohn aus Metall zu unterstützen, der Holz zum Überleben braucht. Je größer der Junge wird, desto höher ist auch sein Verbrauch bis er eines Tages sogar ihr Haus dem Erdboden gleichmacht…..

Downtown Colors by ZAK Sound

Downtown Colors is a city-inspired plugin featuring 16 sounds developed with creative imagination. Features: 16 sounds inspired by the city. 10 Controls: Lowcut, Width, Gain, Pan, Wave FX (three types), and envelope (attack, decay, sustain, and release). Available in VSTI3 for Windows; VSTI3 and AU for macOS. ≈500 MB Installed….

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FunkBass by audiolatry

FunkBass is a free sample-based virtual instrument plugin for DAWs and other plugin host software running on Windows and macOS. FunkBass was designed as a fast & light but solid tool to create simple bass lines in musical genres such as Pop, EDM, Funk Soul, RnB, and more. Inside you will…

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Infinite Space Piano by ZAK Sound

Infinite Space Piano is an acoustic piano combined with ambient textures that create gigantic spaces. Features: 3 different textures of environments. ADSR controls for each texture. Ideal for inspirational and cinematic productions. Compatible with Win (VSTI3) and macOS (AU and VSTI3). https://zaksound.com/infinite-space-piano/

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Soifer Sound TripleDrive v1.0 VST3 AU WiN MACOS [FREE]

Unique multiband distortion. Add gentle clipping, harsh distortion, or anything in between using a variety of distortion types. Fine-tune your sound with input and output filters, configurable distortion amounts, and a three-band EQ. https://www.soifersound.com/plugins/tripledrive

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