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Wrongtools Tangent Kontakt [FREE]

Textural cinematic piano with a soft touch through a phenomenal reverb
A 1930 Bechstein grand piano, with a complex architected cinematic sound. Recorded with help from a H8000, two tapemachines and a stereo LA2A.
If you’re not seeking realistic piano sounds and prefer a more textural or mysterious quality, then Wrongtools’ free offering, Tangent, will certainly pique your interest. Those who appreciate timeless, ‘cinematic’ piano tones will discover a lot to love in this complimentary instrument.

Our favorite reverbs enhance this piano, making it ideal for crafting ambient compositions and adding cinematic depth.
The standout characteristic of this instrument lies in its atmospheric sphere, which can be seamlessly mixed with the primary piano sound to imbue it with a distinctive timbre. You have the option to keep it subtle for a nuanced effect or let Tangent take center stage, delivering an emotive touch to your melody.
With the inclusion of built-in sound sculpturing, pitch vibrato or LFOs etc, you can introduce warped and ethereal pitch modulation, infusing your entire sound with an organic sense of intrigue.

At a Glance:
textural cinematic piano
unlimited sound sculptering tweakabilities
recorded through our favourite reverb and two tape echo machines
piano soundscapes for impressive landscapes
simulated round-robins
included built-in impulse-responses
envelope Control
velocity curves
randomize functions
requires the “FULL” version of Kontakt

INSTRUMENTS : A Quieter Grandiose Piano – Soft ethereal majestic trailer piano
REQUIREMENTS : Full Retail Version of Kontakt 6.4.2 [or later] Required


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