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Tarabia Distortion MK1 by smaolab


Tarabia MK1 – Indian Distortion plug-in:

  • It implements the famous Tarabia Indian Distortion algorithm (originally created in 2018).
  • This is a particular & original soft distortion that can increase the transients/shape.
  • Freeware version, fully functional & supported.

A brief of history

We have updated the famous Tarabia Distortion plugin edited in 2018 plug-in with:

  • a better user interface.
  • a better quality sound.
  • a better clipping.
  • a better knob values.
  • etc. :-).

Like the version edited in 2018, this version is free & fully supported.

It’s called Tarabia MK1 and it is part of a new concept: Tarabia Nation, a set of different distortion plug-ins.

We are currently creating two other distortions; TaraTube & TaraLead.

They should be released soon.

Meanwhile, download & abuse of the new version, enjoy.


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