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Audio Assault Fart Machine v1.1.0 x64 VST VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE]

Farting Processor Introducing the Fart Machine plug-in from Audio Assault, a cutting-edge tool designed to add a unique dimension to your music. Using advanced technology, this innovative plug-in captures the essence of flatulence and allows you to create a range of distinctive and memorable sounds with precision and control. At…

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Audio Assault Blacksun v1.1.0 x64 VST VST3 AU AAX WiN MAC LiNUX [FREE For Limited Time]

Versatile Amp Blacksun is a versatile two channel amp, featuring the „mode“ control that lets you change the flavor of the amp. Stomps • We’ve included 3 stomp boxes before the amp to dial in your perfect tone. • The Gate pedal will get rid of noise in your signal,…

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