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Orange Tree Samples Indie Melodica KONTAKT [FREE]


There’s a surprising amount of expression packed into this little free-reed instrument’s simple and inviting keyboard.

While the melodica is capable of a myriad of musical styles, our favorite use of the instrument is within indie rock/folk. Whether it’s chordal swells during a chorus or lyrical phrases between verses, the melodica adds a unique, sweet texture in a small form factor.

Key Features:

– Three octave natural playable range, extended to fill the entire keyboard.

– Phase locked samples for seamless morphing between three dynamic layers.

– Two mics to choose between for different tonal colorations.

– Realistic dynamic thinning when playing multiple notes.

Product Requirements
Available Disk Space
This product requires a total of 407.61 MB of free disk space in order to download and install the sample library. The total size of the download is 203.8 MB, and after installed the library occupies 203.8 MB.

Platform Version
Kontakt Player 6.1.0 (free)

Supported Interfaces
Stand-alone, AAX Native, VST, AU

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 7, 8, or 10. Mac OS X 10.12 or newer.



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