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Abletunes Infinite Keys Ableton Live Instrument Rack [FREE]

INFINITE KEYS is a dual-layer instrument rack that allows you to blend a huge selection of sounds and waveforms sampled from 30+ vintage and modern analog synthesizers and acoustic instruments, creating original keys, leads, plucks, pads, and more. All with a warm vintage analog character.

And just to spice things up, we’ve bundled two unique effect selectors with 40 predesigned effects – from basic EQs and tone shapers to various modulations and complex effect chains.

Generate endless new sounds with a click of a button

INFINITE KEYS isn’t your run-of-the-mill boring instrument rack; it’s an instrument ready to explore and inspire you.

Hit the randomization button, and you’ll instantly generate a unique combination of instruments, effects, and filter settings, creating an endless stream of new sounds. Instant inspiration at the click of a button – whenever you want something fresh, just hit that Rand button and get a completely new sound!

INFINITE KEYS make the most of Ableton Live’s capabilities, offering endless sound design possibilities. Everything is mapped to 16 self-explaining macro controls so you get the familiar minimalist Live interface, keeping your workspace tidy and uncluttered.

The rack is made using only Live’s devices and effects so you have complete freedom to dive deeper, open the racks, and adjust everything to your liking.

INFINITE KEYS proves to be a versatile instrument across many genres. Whether you’re after mellow lo-fi keys, rave pianos, synthwave leads, catchy pop electric keys, or trippy hip-hop keys, it’s got you covered.

What’s inside:

Dual layer engine
3,5 GB of audio content
Over 100 synths and keys multi-sampled from vintage and modern analog synthesizers
Basic waveforms multi sampled from vintage analog synthesizers
Grand, upright, and e-pianos
Unique instruments like kalimba, pipe organ, xylophone, and more
50+ go-to presets for various genres
100% Ableton Live native
Compatible with Ableton Live 11.0.12 (or higher) Standard or Suite


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