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Vaporizer2 is a hybrid wavetable additive / subtractive VST / AU / AAX / LV2 synthesizer / sampler workstation. The heart of this plugin is the alias-free versatile high-performance wavetable sound engine with low system CPU resource usage. Vaporizer2 comes with a groundbreaking wavetable editor with a vast number of editing possibilities including frequency shift, smooth, clean, bend and bloat for single-cycles, parts of single-cycles or even whole wavetables. Featuring an easy-to use wavetable draw mode with smooth Bezier curves and snap to grid function.

Plug-in features
Includes 780+ wavetables and single cycles and 450+ factory presets.
State-of the art wavetable engine with four independent alias-free wavetable oscillator banks with up to 24 oscillator unison
Can freely combine and modulate additive / FM / subtractive / wavetable / sampler sound generation types
Vaporizer2 features a comprehensive preset management system with tags, free text search, file system folder management and ratings.
Low system CPU resource usage – even with more than 1.000 oscillators playing
All parameter knobs / sliders automatable and support manual editing for exact parameter values
State of the art preset management system with tags, free text search, file system folder management and ratings
Comes with a rapdily growing number of presets – freely available on the website and GitHub
Plus: the sound is stunning!

Oscillators, polyphony, MPE and aftertouch
Mono legato mode or polyphonic 4 / 16 / 32(!) voice modes
Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE): receive MPE MIDI dimensions (X/Y/Z) pitchbend, aftertouch (freely assignable), release velocity / lift (controlled via MSEG) and brightness / timbre (freely assignable) form supported controllers for highly expressive control options
Intelligent polyphonic portamento / glissando (you need to hear it!)
Support for polyphonic aftertouch
Oscillator pitch modulation and phase modulation with very fast modulations (up to ~ 2kHz)
Microtuning support (AnaMark Tuning files .TUN support)

Wavetable engine
Unique architecture allowing to freely change and even exchange / load wavetables while playing without aliasing
Engine vectorized with CPU-specific intrinsics for highest performance (SSE2/3, AVX, Neon)
30 real-time wavetable effects per oscillator including innovative algorithms for hard sync, sincify, brew and bend / bloat
FM synthesis up to a chain of 4 oscillators
General setting of wavetable frequency characteristics: sharp (ideal filtering), soft (butterworth filtering), dull (linear)

Wavetable editor
Groundbreaking wavetable editor with a vast number of editing possibilities including frequency shift, smooth, clean, bend and bloat for single-cycles, parts of single-cycles or even whole wavetables
Easy-to use wavetable draw mode with smooth Bezier curves and snap to grid function
Mix-in, amplitude modulate, interpolate, convolute, time>frequency, frequency>time or normalize wavetable cycles
Generate FM, PWM, harmonic morphed / reduced, low pass / high pass / band pass / comb / formant filtering and even hard sync wavetables out of an arbitrary single cycle waveform
Morphing and phase shifting of wavetable cycles
Import and change standard (Serum, Icarus) format wavetables – also simply via drag and drop
Record single cycle changes into a new wavetable
Additive synthesis section that allows to freely edit all harmonics and phases in real-time

Sampler section (wav / aiff / ogg / mp3) with loop points, loop start modulation, zero crossing detection and key tracking
Granular synthesis mode in the sampler section for stunning ambient effects
Resample samples to wavetables with pitch detection

Three effects busses including 4 x oversampling and mono cutoff to preserve a clean low end
11+ highly parameterizable effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, bitcrush, eq, compressor, limiter, flanger, phaser, comb filter, waveshaper and more
All effect times and durations can be synced to DAW

State of the art filter section (30+ different types) with 4 x oversampled LPF (biquad, state variable and diode ladder implementations) plus high pass, all pass, band pass, notch, shelf, comb and scream filters – all with resonance
Very steep filter curves for punchy basses
Real-time filter response display

Modulation matrix
Comprehensive modulation system with powerful modulation matrix including graphical display of modulation curves
25 modulation sources including key track, random drift and four custom macro knobs
220(!) modulation destinations (modulatable parameters) for almost unlimited modulation combinations
Innovative audio routing system for all sound generators, filters and effect busses

LFOs and MSEGs
Five freely editable MSEG envelopes with loop function and DAW timecode sync
Five LFOs (per voice – means up to 80 LFOs in total) with smooth generation optimized for lowest frequencies with ramp and phase that can be set per voice or global – can be synced to the DAW

Arpeggiator and Step Sequencers
Built-in arpeggiator that is freely editable and supports polyphonic modes, hold and midi file drag and drop and can be synced to the DAW
Three step sequencers that can be synced to the DAW

Plug-in editor user interface
Easy to use and intuitive user interface that is freely scalable and resizable even up to 4k and more with many drag and drop features and many graphical components, e.g. audio-out oscilloscope, filter response, MSEG / LFO / ARP

Polyphonic real-time visualization of parameter modulations
Four different UI themes to choose from allowing for different contrasts and look-and-feel
Hotkeys for most important editor functions

Available formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX / LV2 plugins and a standalone version for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Vaporizer2 was developed by VAST Dynamics GbR between 2017 and 2023 and is now free software under GPL3 license.
Vaporizer2 is based on the JUCE framework under GPL3 license.
Vaporizer2 ueses either muFFT or FFTW3 under GPL2 license. Usage can be comtrolled with build parameters VAST_FFT_MUFFT or VAST_FFT_FFTW3.
You need a (free) developer license from Steinberg to use the VST2 SDK (to build a .vst instead of .vst3). In that case put the SDK in the VST_SDK folder.
You need a (free) ASIO SDK 2.3 installation from Steinberg. Place it in the asiosdk folder.
You need a (free) developer license from Avid Technology to use the AAX SDK (to build an AAX plugin for ProTools). In that case put the SDK in the AAX_SDK folder. The compiled AAXLibrary_x64.lib is expected here C:\Vaporizer2\AAX_SDK\aax-sdk-2-6-0\Libs\Release\AAXLibrary_x64.lib. You can change the folder in the global path settings of the Projucer.
Code signing and notarization is required to build an AAX or an AU on MacOS. The process is not described here.

Available platforms and formats
Available formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAX / LV2 plugins and a standalone version
Available platforms (64-bit): macOS (native Mac M1/M2 silicon support with neon vector extensions), Windows and Linux
32-bit plug-ins can be build with CMake if needed

Minimum system requirements
Any CPU that supports AVX or SSE2 (Intel, AMD or arm)
Windows 8/10 (32/64bit)
macOS 10.13 or above
VSTi / AU / AAX / LV2 compatible Host software (32bit and 64bit).


Visual highlighting of used modulations in modulation matrix
Visual highlighting of modualtion source in side panel when hovering over modulated slider
Visual highlighting of drag and drop target sliders
Improved drag and drop handling with tab strips
Load preset file (.vvp) with drag and drop on header component (preset name display)
Several new high-quality presets in melodic techno style
Inceased preset list load performance
Fixed problem with preset browser and larger number of presets
Fixed CLAP code signing and notarization issue
Fixed issue with first MPE note out of tune in some presets
New random preset creation function (experimental – don’t expect something useful and be careful, can lead to noisy output)


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