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The Usual Suspects Vavra v1.2.36 microQ DSP56300Emu VST VST3 AU Windows MacOS LiNUX CLAP [FREE]


The Usual Suspects, the developers of the DSP56300 emulator, have dropped Vavra, a new Synthesizer plugin recreating Waldorf microQ.

Many well-known 90s virtual analog synthesizers are based on the Motorola DSP5630 DSP. For example, the Access Virus series A, B, C, TI, the Clavia Nord Lead 3, Waldorf Q, or the Novation Nova synthesizers.

Vavra is an emulation of the Waldorf microQ from 2000—one of the first virtual analog synthesizers. It featured 25 voices (expandable up to 75) with 5 oscillators per voice, two multitype filters with FM and distortion, four envelopes, three audio rate LFOs, effects, and more.

The project’s core is, once again, the DSP56300 emulation plugin. It’s available as a free download.

Vavra is currently in the beta version, a very young emulation with many teething problems.



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