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The Usual Suspects Osirus (DSP56300 Emulator) 1.2.30 MultiOS + ROM’s [FREE]


Motorola DSP563xx Emulation.
Working Access Music Virus ROM’s included!

Working Access Virus ROM’s included:
Virus B (4v9)
Virus B (Ver. T)
Virus C (6v5)
Virus C (6v6)
Virus Classic
Virus GmbH – Virus B & Virus C
Virus Rack XL (6v5)

DSP563xx Emulator 1.2.29 Change Log 1.2.30 (2023.03.20) * Fix failure to load Virus B OS via OS update midi files * Fix crash on shutdown caused AU validation to fail / failure to load AU in Logic (MacOS) * Fix audio inputs being out of phase DSP563xx Emulator 1.2.29 Change Log 1.2.29 (2023.02.13) * DSP performance improvements 15%-20% * Osirus can now boot from OS update .mid files. ROM binaries are no longer required if a pair of ``first....mid`` and ``...second...1024.mid `` files are found next to the plugin. The second file is optional. If Osirus is booted with the first file only, no ROM presets are available * Patch Browser can now load presets from .vstpreset, .fxb and .fxp files, including those saved by the Access Virus TI Control Center and the Access Virus PowerCore * File names of plugins have been modified to include Osirus in its name * Fix plugin state not correctly restored if a Virus B ROM is used * Fix swapped left/right channels and phase issues * Fix UI didn't update play mode correctly in some circumstances when loading a .vstpreset / .fxb / .fxp * DSP thread now runs at higher priority (Mac/Linux) DSP563xx Emulator 1.2.25 Change Log (2023.01.08): Osirus: - [Imp] DSP56300 plugins are now also available in CLAP plugin format - [Imp] Faster startup time - [Imp] LCD parameter changes are now also displayed for Dropdown Menus, Toggle Switches or when modified via Midi or Automation - [Imp] Parameter link toggle switches now work as intended - [Imp] Prev/Next buttons now select preset browser patches instead of ROM patches if a preset browser patch was selected last - [Imp] More save options have been added, either save one Single, or the current arrangement (if in Multi mode) or a whole bank - [Imp] All save options now support saving as either .syx or as .mid - [Fix] Preset export created incorrect preset if exported from any part but the first - [Fix] Multi controls (part volume & pan) did not respond anymore after switching the active part and displayed incorrect values - [Fix] Performance issues when using automation - [Fix] Controls may have displayed incorrect values if a preset was loaded from an older Virus version - [Fix] Do not attempt to process invalid Single Dump SysEx message the part number is invalid - [Fix] Possible Audio Input crackling issues (Depending on the host sample rate) - [Fix] Incorrect waveform labels for Oscillator 1 & 2 (Wave 2-63 => Wave 3-64) - [Fix] Fix GUI scaling issues on various platforms / hosts - [Fix] Fix weird sizes of popup menus - [Fix] Do not open our own popup menu when right clicking while editing the patch name - [Fix] Plugin may not emit any sound after the plugin state was restored (if part of a previously saved project) - [Fix] Some UI elements didn't update their state correctly - [Fix] UI may send incorrect control changes back to DSP after changing patches - [Fix] Loading multiple Singles via bank load (file with more than one Single) didn't load all Singles but only the last one - [Fix] GUI related crash after switching skins - [Fix] Latency setting was not applied before editor opened Test Console: - Fix demo song couldn't be loaded from ROM TL;DR Changelog: A few cool improvements.


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