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New Nation Audio Cowboy Harp v1.1.1 x64 VSTi3 AU WiNDOWS MACOS [FREE]

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Free American Western Jaw Harp Plugin Boot Up, Cowboy Time Travel To The Old American West A Tribute To The Twangy Melodies Of A Bygone Era Whether you’re a composer working on the score for a gritty gunfight, a nostalgic saloon scene, or simply yearning to infuse your music with…

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New Nation Audio Game Boi v1.1.1 x64 VST3 AU WiNDOWS MACOS [FREE]

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Free Retro Game Inspired Plugin The True Lo-Fi Experience Inspired by the iconic Game Boy and Nintendo 64 Embark On An Epic Quest In A Polygonal Realm This plugin captures the essence of vintage gaming, infusing every note with the unmistakable charm of pixelated adventures. Immerse yourself in a symphony…

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New Nation Audio FreeQ v1.1.1 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

Effortlessly Sculpt and Enhance Your Audio The draggable panel revolutionizes the way you shape your sound. Easily add and manipulate EQ bands with a simple click and drag motion, empowering you to achieve precise and dynamic control over your mix. Add as many bands as you desire and effortlessly manipulate…

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New Nation Audio Freeverb v1.1.1 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

Bring Depth, Ambiance, & Air To Your Music Immerse your tracks in a world of captivating spaces and rich sonic environments. Embark on a journey of sound exploration, where the boundaries of creativity are expanded, and your music is transformed into a breathtaking auditory experience. Effortlessly dial in the perfect…

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New Nation Audio Sterfreeo v1.1.1 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE]

Enhance The Width Of Your Audio By 200% Create a spacious and immersive soundstage that will captivate your listeners. Take your mixes from narrow and confined to wide and expansive, breathing new life into your music. Sterfreeo combines ease of use with exceptional performance. The single knob design ensures a…

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