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Piano Forte Piano Plugin by Omnes Sonos[Windows,VSTI3,LV2,Standalone,x64]

Piano Forte is a real-time Piano plugin that uses a dual engine, blending a lightweight neural network and a physical model, to assure the best balance between efficiency and fidelity. Modeled to capture the best characteristics of famous models, such as the Steinway & Sons models B and D and…

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Moonlight – Kujashi

Für Liebende, Träumer, Wünscher und romantische Nachtschwärmer.

Ein Song an jemanden, der mir sehr viel bedeutet und mit Erinnerungen das Leben flutet.

For all lovers, dreamers, Wishers and romantic night-owls.

A song for someone, who means a lot to me and floods life with memories.

Vocals by Anka