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Jacob Collier – Live in Lisbon 2022 [FULL SHOW]

623.994 Aufrufe Premiere am 18.10.2023 LISBON
On July 29th 2022, the final night of Jacob’s European Summer Tour, 4300 people gathered at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, Portugal, for a sold-out night of musical mayhem. We filmed the whole show with 10 cameras.


Tickets here: https://jacobcollier.com/tour

The Band
Vocals & Percussion: Alita Moses
Vocals & Guitar: Emily Elbert
Keyboards & Vocals: Bryn Bliska
Drums & Vocals: Christian Euman
Bass, Synth, Fender VI: Robin Mullarkey

The Crew
FOH Engineer: Jose Ortega
Monitor Engineer: Alessandro Melchior
Lighting Designer: Luke Edwards
Lighting Operator: John Rogers
Stage Manager / Backline Tech: Claudio Somigli
Playback Tech / Backline Tech: Regina Averion
Tour Manager /Production Manager: Rob Fisher
Assistant Production Manager: Luca Romani
Creative Production / Musical Systems: Ben Bloomberg

Mixed by Jacob Collier, Ben Bloomberg & Alessandro Melchior
Audio Engineers: Alessandro Melchior & Jose Ortega
Assistant Engineer: Regina Averion

Directed by André Tentúgal
Production Director: Tomás Valle
Additional 360º camera by Doddsy
Additional tour videography: Mogli Maureal
Artist Management / Creative Manager: Fran Haincourt
Onstage Camera Operator: Bruno Nacarato
Onstage Camera Operator: Afonso Abreu
Onstage Camera Operator: Pedro Jafuno
Onstage Steadicam Operator: James Williams
Onstage Gimbal Operator: Vasco Mendes
Front Stage Gimbal Operator: Tiago Ferreira
Central Crane-camera Operator: Francisca Alves
Audience Camera Operator: Mariana Barros
Audience Camera Operator: Ivan Pinto
Audience Camera Operator: Jotta Sousa
Stage Mini-cameras Rigger: Rui Santos
Grooming: Márcia Lourenço
Notes and Cue Calls: Sara Ramos

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The Setlist
00:00 – Intro
02:00 – With The Love in My Heart
04:44 – Count The People
06:48 – Feel
13:56 – Hideaway
22:43 – Don’t You Know
36:00 – The Sun is in Your Eyes
42:00 – Can’t Help Falling in Love
48:15 – In Too Deep
56:48 – Time Alone With You
01:02:08 – All I Need
01:07:14 – A very strange time to be a human…
01:14:03 – Somebody to Love
01:23:50 – Sleeping On My Dreams → With The Love In My Heart → In My Bones
01:35:00 – Lua feat. MARO
01:42:36 – Blackbird
01:48:52 – Audience Play
01:54:24 – Audience Choir
01:59:36 – Goodnight Lisbon

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