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music-society specialpack by AM Music Technology x86 VSTI Windows bundle Free download

Pro-SoloVst Pro SoloVst  reproduces the monophonic analog preset synthesizer ARP Pro Soloist. The sound engine of the Pro SoloVst is a software emulation of the real analog algorithms implemented inside the original instrument: VCO, resonators, filters, VCF, VCA and analog effects. So you can hear and feel analog-like warm sounds coming…

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Syrinx Samples Membranes E Organ HMND Kontakt [FREE]

E-Organ HMND is a sample library based on the iconic Hammond electric organ! With this library, you can now control the Direct mic’s, Bass mic, Room, Color, Reverb, and even the Rotary parameter. This means that you can fine-tune every aspect of the sound to fit your exact needs. Whether…

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