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E.V.M. Modules by Etric Van-Meyer – 48 x VSTi x86 Windows(No Longer Available) Rare

E.V.M. Modules by Etric Van-Meyer – 48 x VSTi (No Longer Available) Rare Windows 32 Bit – Made with Synthedit 48 x E.V.M Modules VSTi EVM – AlphaWave VSTi EVM – Arkon VRS-1 VSTi EVM – Bassline II v2.0 VSTi EVM – Bassline v1.1 VSTi EVM – Boogaloo 3 VSTi…

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Kitton 2 by Fanan Team[Windows,VSTI,VSTI3,x64,x86]

Kitton 2 Kitton 2 is general midi compatible drum machine. It lumps 20 top crafted full featured drumkits that will make your GM compatible drum midi file \ track sound amazingly realistic. ​ The Kits ​ 2 Standard kits 2 Power kits 2 Analog kits 2 Modern kits 2 Jazz…

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DSK mini DRUMZ 2[win,vsti,x86]

mini DrumZ 2, a vintage drum machines rompler. Changes in miniDrumZ 2: All sounds fixed and levels corrected. All sounds mapped in GM Midi standard. New extra layer to load external kits (sf2). Midi channel selector for each layer. Add amp. envelope and limiter. Filters improved. Midi automation fixed. 20 classic drum…

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