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HeyDrummer – Tempo adjustable drum tracks Drums Plugin by ElephantDSP.com

HeyDrummer is a smartphone app and audio unit extension that lets you practice your instrument with real drum tracks instead of boring clicks from a metronome. It’s super easy to use. You don’t need to buy expensive drum software or learn how to program drum tracks. Just open the app, choose a drum track…

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Room Reverb by ElephantDSP.com

Room Reverb is a mono/stereo to stereo algorithmic reverb audio plugin with many presets. It uses the implementation of Moorer’s early reflection model and Jon Dattorro’s Progenitor Reverb from the Freeverb3 signal processing library. Key features: Mono/stereo to stereo algorithmic reverb. Many presets from small rooms to very large rooms….

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