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Sonic Entropy – Zombie Killah v2.0 VSTi – Windows – x86 free


No longer available Zombie Killah 2 is a lead synth for use in Drum’n’Bass, Breakbeat, Dubstep and Jungle music. Main Features: • 2 detuned oscillators. • 1 sub bass oscillator. • Easy and quick modulation controls. • One-Knob Adjustable Frequency Modulation. • One-Knob Adjustable Amplitude Modulation. • Double-Knob Adjustable Pulse…

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Elemental Child – Strange Fascination

„Bored with obvious reality, I find my fascination in transforming it into a subjective point of view.“ – Ernst Haas

„Gelangweilt von der offensichtlichen Realität, finde ich meine Faszination darin, sie in eine subjektive Sichtweise zu verwandeln.“ – Ernst Haas

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