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Pers3us Synth Plugin by Infected-Sounds[windows,vsti,vsti3,x86,x64][FREE]

Pers3us is here and it has over 512 sounds to kick-start your creativity! Browse through the huge variety of built in presets or take full control of your sound and dive into the many modulation options, effects and parameters with the ability to layer up to 4 different waveforms. Main features:…

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WhispAir by Full Bucket Music

WhispAir is a wavetable synthesizer. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. All parameters on one single page. 3 flexible wavetable oscillators. Classic Full Bucket stereo filter. 3 modulation and four envelope generators. Unison mode and Chorus. TUN/SCL/KBL micro-tuning file import. Supports MTS-ESP…

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