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GOTCHA .sf2 player for Windows by beatassist.eu

Gotcha is free and works on Windows 32/64-bits, Win7/Win8 and Windows 10. Gotcha is an .sf2 player for Windows. It loads SoundFonts! This VSTi brings 3 soundfont banks (Bass/Dirty Vintage and Rave Leads) Also features: – chord player – distortion station – LFO – octave stepper – trancegate – stereo delay…

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MacPack 13 effects bundle for macOS. Free product by beatassist.eu!

MacPack is a bundle of 13 effects exclusive for macOS! Features: – AChorus (chorus) – AFlanger (flanger) – APhaser (phaser) – MULTIPression (3 mode compressor – normal/MS/x-over plus sidechain) – Verbus (modern reverb) – EQ-XT (6-band EQ) – Konect (vocal processor) – BeatBrick (brickwall limiter) – Mage (stereo tool) –…

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Music-Society presents DOREMI by Beatassist.eu

Music-Society presents DOREMI by Beatassist.eu Thanks to https://beatassist.eu get busy and make preset banks  Runs on Win 32, Win64, VST2/3 and OSX-Mac Features: – 2 oscillators, the 2nd oscillator can be used in 3 modes Both oscillators have their own ADSR, volume and sub-oscillator – a noise oscillator with its own…

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