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Syrinx Samples Membranes Mark 1 Kontakt [FREE]

Mark 1 is a sample library based on the Rhodes Mark 1 electric piano. We meticulously sampled each key and each sound! This library provides two patches: Clean and Amped. With them, you can get either the clear, pure sound of the instrument, or a timbre sculpted with a classic Fender combo amplifier with Shure SM57 and Senheiser MD421 microphones.You also have the option to use the Color knob to add Chorus or Overdrive, as well as two reverb options, Plate Reverb and Spring Reverb, which will allow you to flexibly change the space and timbre!

Requires: NI Kontakt 6.1.1 or higher (full ver.)
Formats: Wav (48kHz, 24bit)
Download Size: 0.78Gb
Uncompressed Size: 1.0Gb


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