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Sound Planet Malevolent Melodies Sample Packs Collection WAV FREE

Malevolent Melodies Sample Packs Collection by Sound Planet offers a captivating assortment of sinister sounds designed to infuse your music with an aura of dark allure. Comprising a generous 283MB of meticulously crafted audio files, this collection is a treasure trove for producers seeking to inject their compositions with an air of malevolence.

Featuring a diverse array of elements, the Malevolent Melodies Sample Packs Collection includes 18 haunting Guitar Feedback files, each resonating with eerie tones and ghostly echoes. These samples are perfect for adding spine-chilling textures to your tracks or creating ominous atmospheres.

Additionally, the pack includes 18 mysterious Pad files, designed to envelop your listeners in a cloak of sonic mystique. Whether you’re scoring a horror film or crafting an ambient masterpiece, these pads provide the ideal foundation for building tension and intrigue.

For those in search of melancholic melodies, the collection offers 9 evocative Piano files, each brimming with haunting harmonies and melancholy motifs. From haunting ballads to introspective soundscapes, these piano samples add depth and emotion to your compositions.

Finally, the pack includes 9 sinister Synthesizer files, pulsating with dark energy and dystopian vibes. With their gritty textures and ominous tones, these synth samples are perfect for creating dystopian soundscapes or adding an industrial edge to your tracks.

Whether you’re producing darkwave, ambient, or cinematic music, the Malevolent Melodies Sample Packs Collection provides a wealth of inspiration and sonic possibilities. Download now and unleash the dark power of Sound Planet’s Malevolent Melodies on your music.




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