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VSTI 3 new Synths by K Brown, now also in 64 Bit

[Image: SvOUakD.png]

'Endeavour' is based on the hardware synth, the Helmtronic Challenger, which got shopped around the trade shows in 2010, but never went into production.  It was sort of a 'double minimoog' with Voyager-like mod busses.



.zip   Endeavour.zip (Size: 17.28 MB / Downloads: 19)


[Image: uZwl2gE.png]

'VQ-800' has a structure loosely inspired by the Roland JD-800, but not intended as an emulation.  Also can load single-cycle waves (system adapted from Rex's Blender 2).



.zip   VQ-800.zip (Size: 15.44 MB / Downloads: 16)


[Image: ShCCMOn.png]

'Vektor' borrows very heavily from Rex's Blender 2, but nudges a little closer to a Prophet VS emulation, plus a few added features.
'Vektor' had a troubled start due to the huge float arrays containing the VS waves causing issues with presets loading, but that's been worked out (thanks to Rex for figuring out what the issue was).



.zip   Vektor.zip (Size: 25.72 MB / Downloads: 18)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
[Image: features.en.gif]
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