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VSTI MAO Passion Bundle, rare [free]
MAO Passion Bundle
Jeff Dugast, 20004-2008
Ekotrio v2
2-osc virtual analogue
[Image: WsKtHm5.jpg]
Jonorange v2
3-osc virtual analogue
[Image: Fqc1H5q.jpg]
Modul_RS v2
[Image: DJh5sPR.jpg]
1-osc + sub-osc virtual analogue
[Image: 0Hurv10.jpg]
4-osc virtual analogue incl. Soundfont slot
[Image: ZfCPY33.jpg]
2-osc virtual analogue + modulation matrix
[Image: wFtiqN9.jpg]
1 osc + pd + fm
[Image: Wt4xEVp.jpg]
Poly DPO
3 osc PD
[Image: VPpYvRw.jpg]
Quatrix v2
3-osc + pd +fm
[Image: mMmJN1n.jpg]
6-op FM
[Image: MbZoJwD.jpg]
3-osc virtual analogue
[Image: sQvQZ4I.jpg]
The Blue v2
2-osc virtual analogue
[Image: tHWjyA5.jpg]

.zip   MAO_Passion.zip (Size: 13.01 MB / Downloads: 35)
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.
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  • Bam, knossos, rockbox, Grime Bind, Henry Jimdrix, Damcon
Thumbs Up 
Thank you! these synths were so underappreciated........ if use them with a stepseq, arp, or gater they really kicked ass!

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