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VSTI MOPIS VSTi - for registered users free to download
[Image: EueKssB.jpg]
Nethernet Corp Nethernet Corp releases Mopis v1.0
3rd January 2006
(Unregistered trial - no limits, but only monophonic)
Nethernet Corp has released Mopis, a software synthesizer that combines traditional subtractive synthesis with a new technology they call "reconstructive synthesis".
Mopis uses subtractive synthesis to create the familiar sounds that analog and virtual analog synths have used for years. In addition, by using "reconstructive synthesis", Mopis can analyze an audio sample and create an oscillator that mimics the sample's properties. You can then play the sample back and bend it to your will.
Mopis helps you to:
    Adjust the pitch of a sample without changing its speed or getting the "chipmunk effect".
    Adjust the speed without changing the pitch, or move freely back and forth through a sample.
    Quickly loop samples and adjust loop points on the fly.
    "Freeze" a sample and turn it into a steady-state oscillator.
Other features:
    128 diverse preset instruments.
    Up to 32-voice polyphony.
    Up to six-voice unison.
    Two primitive or sample-based oscillators per voice.
    Five filter types.
    Three LFOs.
    Delay and cross delay effects.
    Semi-modular assign table.
    Loads most common WAV or AIFF samples.
Mopis is available as a VSTi plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X. An Audio Unit version is coming soon. It costs $50 and a demo version is available (see above)

.rar   Mopis.rar (Size: 9.39 MB / Downloads: 35)
"Ein Leben ohne Synthesizer ist möglich, aber sinnlos!"
"Ehe man den Kopf schüttelt, vergewissere man sich, ob man einen hat" (Truman Capote)
"Unser größter Ruhm ist nicht, niemals zu fallen, sondern jedesmal wieder aufzustehen" (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
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