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VST VeeComps by Viper ITB
VeeComps by  Viper ITB

[Image: 8nhPsVb.jpg]

VeeComps compressor bundle is a set of 3 compressors.

Each working in one of those modes: stereo, dual mono, mid/side.

They are inspired by classic analogue studio gear as well as some premium digital compressors. They are designed to add certain "character" and mildly sculpt the dynamics of your tracks in a highly musical fashion. They are not made for ultrafast, hyper-precise limiting but rather pay homage to older analogue designs which "rode" volumes for smoother, less conspicuous results.

    Soft knee AND hard knee topology to choose from.
    Release times can be synchronized with BPM (VeeComp only).
    Unique color and vibe, contributed by a "tube power amp" section and EQ filters.
    Detailed operations Manual included.

32 bit only



.rar   VeeCompsBundle.rar (Size: 7.3 MB / Downloads: 6)
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