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vsti,vsti3,au,aax Kawa KawaChord2 2.1.75 x64 x86 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [free]
Kawa KawaChord2 2.1.75 x64 x86 VST VST3 AU WiN MAC [free]

[Image: DKtkhz2.png][Image: VC8lLtj.png]

This product is handy for quickly entering chord tones (MIDI notes) without the knowledge of every chord tones of each chord.

4 Simple Mode (Default Mode, Circle Of Fifth Mode, Chord Analysis Mode I and II).
MIDI notes are sent as chord tones by pressing a chord name button.
Diatonic chords are highlighted based on the main key and chords' root you set.
Place chords to DAW as MIDI Clip Item.
(As of today, this function has been confirmed with the following Host applications: Studio One, Reaper and Bitwig Studio).

The Step Sequencer of Chord tones (version 2.05~ )
Chord progression mode (in Advanced Mode) (version 2.10~ )
Search chords mode from musical scale. (in Advanced Mode) (version 2.10~ )
# Examples Uses:
Quick play and check chords tones.
You can also use it for a rough sketch of chord progressions.
Useful when writing chord progressions according to tonality.
# Requirements:
40 MB free hard disk space
Windows 10 newer, 32bit 64bit processor with 2 GB RAM
MacOSX 10.9( recommend newer OS)
Display capable of 1024×768
VST, VST3 host program, AU ( Logic ProX )
ASIO supporting sound card ( recommended )

2018/01/26 version 2.175

Added : "On Chord Bass" button.
Updated : Color Scheme Files for "On Chord Bass" button.
Updated : minor behavior in "change language" action.
Updated : some minor functions behavior.
2017/12/18 version 2.15a

Fixed : "dim7" chord tones.
Update : "dim△7" chord was deleted.(because it is the same chord tone as "m△7-5").
Update : Replaced the behavior when moving the mouse wheel with holding modifier keys 1 and 2. (On the chord name button).
2017/12/13 version 2.15

Added : Color Scheme.
Added : Dark Color Scheme.
Added : Mono Chrome Scheme.
Update : 7th chords of "Aug" and "Dim".
Fixed : StepSequencer total step num.
2017/11/06 version 2.125

Added : some 9th ,11th, 13th Tenstion chords.
Added : "Quartal" and "Synthetic" Chords.
Added : StepSequencer "randomize action type2".
Update : store last opened editor mode.
Update : advanced mode chord search panel sort function.
Fixed : some minor behavior.
2017/09/20 version 2.07 ~ 2.10a

Added : advanced mode.
Added : chord search panel in advanced mode
Added : 11 scales for chord search panel. ( major,minor,modes,pentatonic scales)
Added : show popup menu when some button clicked.
Added : store chord from other instance of kawaChord2 plugin.(beta version)
Added : change mouse pointer when chord button dragging.(beta version)
Added : some functions at step sequencer's popup menu.
Update : step sequencer preset file version.
Improved : inner behavior of chord calculation.
Improved : some graphics icons.
Improved : some minor functions.
Updated : PDF manuals.
Updated : JUCE version to 5.1.
2017/08/05 version 2.06 pre

Support : Audio Units as "Midi Effect Plugin".
Update : PDF manuals.
Improved : inner behavior of Save and load Preset.
Improved : some function behavior.
2017/08/01 version 2.05a

Fixed : StepSequencer Note Order (Note Filter) Setting
Added : Some flat Fifth Chords


.zip (Size: 14.16 MB / Downloads: 19)
.zip (Size: 22.75 MB / Downloads: 2)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo

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