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vsti,vsti3,au,aax TX16Wx Software Sampler

TX16Wx Software Sampler

[Image: J0Cb6Bt.png][Image: NB41HuK.png][Image: tZIZjRf.png]

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a sampler plug-in with professional features and an easy to use graphical interface. Built to mimic the best aspects of hardware samplers, but with the quick and easy operation of modern software. An instrument not for preset players, but people who enjoy making, tweaking and playing their own samples.


  * 3.3
      - Added built-in oscillator support
      - Added pulse width modulation destination for oscillator mode
      - Added multi-core processing (TX Pro)
      - Added variable (128-4096) max voice setting (TX Pro)
      - Improved SFZ import to handle locc/hicc operators
      - Improved velocity mapping layouts
      - Improved modifier key response in keyboard mapper
      - Improved fixed key layout to remove roots and loops (i.e. drum mode)
      - Improved nag behviour for Pro eval mode
      - Fixed restore of zoomed windows on UI re-open
      - Fixed wave editor rendering and zoom of mp3/flac/ogg
      - Fixed mp3/flac/ogg streaming corner cases on seek
      - Fixed file browser restore when browsing sf2 samples

  * 3.2.1d
      - Fixed crash with note stealing with slot polyphony and extreme voice load
      - Fixed note stealing issue causing newer notes being stolen before old
      - Fixed MIDI update of editor fields not registering undo information
      - Fixed import of TX16Wx v2 programs with pitched rootless samples
      - Fixed exception when mouse wheel editing unselected effect parameter
      - Fixed loading error with some DAW chunks (XML format)
      - Fixed AAX bypass parameter not working
      - Fixed drag and drop import of multiple items
      - Fixed regression with sound parameters not updating in real time
      - Fixed regression with clicking noise on release
      - Fixed seek issues with ogg/mp3/flac streaming
      - Fixed wave editor render issue when zooming
      - Improved high quality (sinc) interpolation performance
      - Improved CPU usage
      - Improved region selection when using "show all groups"

  * 3.2
      - Added MP3 support
      - Added AKAI CDROM/Disk image support
      - Choke groups now have an optional fade-out time parameter
      - Improved beat slicer accuracy and performance
      - Sampling using MIDI generator now optionally uses threshold trigger to
        detect sound start, to deal with varying latencies in DAWConfused
      - Using groups in toggle mode with mono polyphony now works as expected
      - Tooltips now shown for disabled widgets
      - AAX plugin now tries to respect hosts max UI size
      - Improved licencing.
      - Removed OSX 32-bit support
      - Fixed crashes when reloading plug-in on OSX
      - Increased OS buffering for DFD from high-latency (spinning) disks
      - Improved default table column sizing in editors
      - Fixed crashes on bank/performance clear/reload
      - Fixed screen redraw issue in tables

  * 3.1.1c
      - Fixed render regresson on Win7
      - Fixed automation regression
      - Improved automation saving
      - Fixed automation modulation regression
      - Fixed regression in chunk reader
      - Fixed regression in wave writer
      - Fixed activation issue on Win 7

  * 3.1
      - Added native FLAC streaming
      - Added native OGG streaming
      - Added per region sound parameter offsets
      - Added offline activation support (TX16Wx Pro)
      - Added FX preset management support (TX16Wx Pro)
      - Added "region" round robin source - default in key switch (TX16Wx Pro)
      - Filter frequency modulation now in cents (pitch) instead of hertz
      - Improved missing file search initial path selection
      - Improved dialog sequence
      - Improved import of other program formats (SFZ/SF2/AKP/EXS). TX16Wx now generates much leaner
        and easier to navigate programs from these sources
      - Fixed OSX file dialog layout behaviour
      - Fixed OSX modal dialog behaviour
      - Fixed MIDI note overflow in rendering causing hang

  * 3.0.18b
      - Fixed dialog issue
      - Fixed sample conversion issue with reverse DFD playback
      - Fixed sample interpolation issue with bidirectional loop playback back edge
      - Fixed note stealing issue for one-shot notes when sample end coincide with steal period
      - Fixed VST3 version not notifying host often enough on program/midi change
      - Fixed VST3 MIDI key reporting on some hosts
      - Fixed VST3 keyboard input issue on some hosts
      - Fixed VST3 scanning issue on OSX Cubase
      - Fixed reapeaks header not written correctly for stereo waves
      - Fixed reapeaks files overwritten with zero-length file
      - Fixed reapeaks timestamp checking
      - Fixed wave preview in file browser not playing from click position on first play
      - Improved SFZ import of keyswitch attributes
      - Added some support for SFZ extensions (#include, overlapping keyswitch, "<global>" section)
      - Added colorization of SF2/SFZ import groups
      - Slightly improved region editor performance with many groups

  * 3.0.17i
      - Fixed time scaling for loop start/end modulation
      - Fixed regression in bitmap lookup on non-HDPI systems
      - Fixed file URL drag to external apps on OSX
      - Fixed SVF low/high shelf mode not persisted correctly
      - Fixed LFO/SEQ tempo rate not persisted correctly
      - Fixed URL resolving error on load
      - Fixed OSX file creation issue
      - Fixed sample sub-directories not properly created
      - Fixed memory leak in streaming engine on plugin delete/reload
      - Fixed OSX drag and drop of files (slices) from TX16Wx to finder/apps
      - Fixed file browser dropdown not updating location in some cases
      - Improved pasteboard integration on OSX
      - Added CPU meter
      - Added voice count meter
      - Fixed drag & drop crash on some windows hosts
      - Fixed load resolving of missing absolute URL paths
      - Fixed load resolving of moved soundfont samples/presets
      - Improved region editor drag select responsiveness
      - Fixed wave editor style elements using wrong css element
      - Fixed AKP importer not reading modulators correctly
      - Fixed crash when main window was closed with focused list editor dropdown open
      - Fixed EXS import issue with long sample names
      - Fixed pitch modulation on note-on broken
      - Fixed crash with preview loader
      - Double-click loading programs no longer resets slot selection
      - Fixed double-click loading programs not updating selected slot if region/cell is active
      - Added "delete unused" command to group menu (remove empty groups/unused sounds)
      - Fixed deleting second-to-last sound parameters causing empty sound editor
      - Changed default envelope curve shape to -50% (half logarithmic)
      - Changed SF2 import envelope shapes to better match specification

  * 3.0.16g
      - Regions can now be moved using arrow keys
      - Fixed keyboard input issue on OSX
      - Fixed OSX modal dialog issue
      - Fixed group switcher enabled state not persisted/read correctly
      - Fixed group switcher undo/modified management
      - Fixed group switcher source not persisted
      - Fixed block size/sample rate reset behaviour affecting pro tools sessions
      - Fixed escape key handling in text fields
      - Program bounds now filter incoming MIDI keys
      - Fixed Audio Unit mono bus mode management
      - Fixed OSX composite character text input
      - Fixed VST2 bus management compatibility issue in Cakewalk
      - Fixed VST3 bus management compatibility issue in Cakewalk
      - Fixed loop crossfade attribute not persisted correctly
      - Fixed group round robin counter not incremented properly with overlapping
        regions or group mute
      - Fixed modulation of AEG attack/time and ENV time
      - Fixed wave position drawing for reverse/bidirectional loops in DFD mode
      - Fixed VST 2&3 keyboard input broken (again)
      - Fixed matrix shift/tune not saved
      - Fixed dialog modality
      - Fixed window reordering in cubase

  * 3.0.15
      - Fixed compatibility issues with programs created by versions older than 2.1.x
      - Fixed copied sound parameter blocks sharing UUIDConfused
      - Fixed dropdown editors in lists loosing focus on open

  * 3.0.14e
      - Detect pitch/tempo now operates on all selected waves
      - Fixed usage mode label not displaying initally
      - Fixed matrix curves not applied correctly to bipolar sources
      - Fixed key switcher not working properly with bipolar sources
      - Fixed matrix axis source menu not properly formatted
      - Fixed layout error
      - Fixed multi-channel (surround) waves not played/displayed properly
      - Fixed regression with legacy mappings not assigned wave/matrix
      - Fixed bank not restoring external controls on load
      - Fixed programs saved using "places" having incorrect relative paths
      - Fixed "use midi note names" setting not respected
      - Assigning MIDI CC to external control now listens to incoming MIDI
      - Fixed MIDI edit fields not refreshing on octave offset change
      - Fixed MIDI select always running
      - Fixed crash in Bidule
      - Fixed VST3 plug-in initialization compatibility with JUCE hosts
      - Fixed VST2 plug-in initialization compatibility with JUCE hosts
      - Fixed volume click with zero attack AEG and low velocity
      - Time displays now show sub-millisecond precision when less than 100ms
      - All list editor fields now accept editing multiple rows
      - Fixed saving of waves with non-byte aligned sources
      - Fixed keyboard mapper velocity layout
      - Fixed sf2 import generating broken bank saves
      - Fixed loading programs from zip folders not resolving relative paths
        correctly (windows only)

  * 3.0.13c
      - Fixed "reverse" attribute for mappings not persisted.
      - Fixed external controls/automation offsets not properly persisted in
        settings or applied as defaults in new bank.
      - Fixed drag of group as slice MIDI file in hosts with delayed load
      - Fixed "use bank select" option not visible or respected
      - Fixed bank select/program change options not properly reset to settings
        default in new bank
      - Fixed "Omni" midi channel not handled in XML schema
      - Fixed item modification status not always updated properly on save/undo
      - Fixed setting place alias not working
      - Fixed token auto mapper selectors not updating on selecting preset
      - Fixed external controls/automation reset to zero on bank save

  * 3.0.12c
      - Fixed drag & drop crash on OSX 10.14
      - Fixed wav range save/load bug leading to playback hang
      - Fixed program change messages ignored
      - Fixed MIDI note/channel names not showing
      - Fixed performance names not showing in host
      - Fixed program names not showing in host
      - Fixed performance change from host
      - Fixed XML schema error for slot quality
      - Fixed crash in wave trim/cut when loop is outside range
      - Fixed editing FLAC/OGG wave files

  * 3.0.11
      - Fixed VU meter speed inconsistency between DSP block sizes
      - Fixed MIDI select cycle across candidates
      - Fixed MIDI generator subdivision of velocity/MIDI CC
      - Fixed drawing error in wave editor
      - Added abortable progress dialog to sampler post processing
      - MIDI select now selects across program slots
      - Relaxed licence renewal tolerance. Grace period is now progressively
        longer based on initial activation. (TX Pro)
      - Added file browser history support

  * 3.0.10
      - Fixed crash on TX Pro fingerprint record for unresponsive hardware (WMI)
      - Fixed WMI error message generation
      - Fixed DAW chunk save/load not respecting wave loaded multiple times
      - Fixed VST3 MIDI output (re-sampler).
      - Improved OSX fingerprint collection to ignore internal mounts
      - Drag-copy region to same group now respects new bounds
      - OSX file browser now shows mounted volumes in root directory

  * 3.0.9
      - Fixed waves stored in project file not refreshing generated peaks
      - Fixed waves stored in project not propagating modified state
      - Fixed key switcher not applied
      - Added time stretch engine for pitch-able time stretch of melodic
      - Improved mono/legato voice mode.
      - Improved path resolver for moved projects with files saved in project

  * 3.0.8
      - Fixed modified waves not saving bug (introduced in 3.0.6)
      - Improved licence nag dialog
      - Fixed OSX licence error
      - Improved COM handling

  * 3.0.7
      - Fixed legacy SF2 reference import issue
      - Changed SF2 URL scheme to fix compatibility issues
      - Fixed waves always saved issue introduced in 3.0.6
      - Added DFD buffer size setting.

  * 3.0.6
      - Fixed API linkage on OSX 10.8 or lower
      - Fix pressure issue
      - Fixed output editor not responding
      - Fixed DFD assignment on imported v2 material
      - Fixed error generating reapeaks for certain samples
      - Fixed IO error
      - Fixed loading OSX legacy projects issue
      - Fixed resolving SF2 sample references issue
      - Fixed dragging SF2 samples
      - Improved loading speed
      - SOLA (time stretch) engine now changed overlap length based on "quality"
        allowing tuning "smear" of less transient material
  * 3.0.5
      - Fixed split root overrides not being picked up when reading version 2 programs
      - Fixed progress bar not showing correctly
      - Fixed "places" editing mismatch
      - Fixed crash in automatic loop detection
      - Fixed error message with drag & drop into wave list
      - Added setting to ignore wave file loop count (broken files)
      - Added drag & drop to places table   
      - Modified drag & drop in key mapper to not zero group keyscale
      - Added workaround for garageband keyboard issue

  * 3.0.4
      - Fixed crash with very short DFD loops
      - Fixed exception on loading some programs with icons
      - Fixed COM error on Windows 7
      - Fixed crash when loading non-parsable modulation presets
      - Fixed token automapper blocking sound render on drop
      - Fixed token automapper not remembering settings
      - Improved new region/group (auto create dependents)
      - Improved path resolver
      - Improved error messages on XML parser errors (Windows)

  * 3.0.3
      - Fixed value scrolling for time parameters
      - Fixed sfz import with group key ranges
      - Fixed table edit click-to-edit
      - Fixed automapper "single key" option
      - Fixed output per group in free version
      - Fixed linkage error on OSX 10.12 and earlier
      - Fixed loading error for some version 2 DAW banks
      - Made windows installer refuse if older install is present as workaround
        for msi limitations.
      - Added note number to keyboard bar in key mapper
      - Removed mandatory channel pressure/aftertouch velocity mapping

  * 3.0.2
      - Fixed crash/hang in VST2 host on output notification
      - Fixed clicking in mono/legato mode with filters active
      - Fixed dialog box focus
      - Fixed octave offset not respected in text edit
      - Fixed overzealous type parsing for percentage levels
      - Fixed auto mapper "name" option
      - Fixed REX unload on app exit
      - Removed knob stepping
      - Improved color box positioning on windows

  * 3.0.1
      - Fixed startup crash when running first initialization

  * 3.0.0
      - Added disk streaming support
      - Added pitch shift (phase vocoder) engine (TX pro)
      - Added time stretch (SOLA) engine (TX pro)
      - Added AAX support
      - Added VST3 support
      - Added mappable automaton for sound parameters
      - Added MIDI arpeggiator module (TX Pro)
      - Added high DPI monitor support (when supported by host)
      - Added wave editor selection region
      - Added real-time non-destructive loop crossfade
      - Added fade-in/out operation
      - Added loop detector
      - Added MIDI generator/resampler mode to recorder
      - Added SVF filter
      - Added new "dverb" dattoro reverb (TX Pro)
      - Added vibrato (TX Pro)
      - Moved group sound settings (AEG etc) to separate object. Several groups
        can now share single sound object.
      - Changed splits to regions, with individual keyboard/velocity range.
      - Groups now act as layers.
      - Added volume/pan to wave/matrix mapping
      - Added volume/pan to groups
      - Editors are now per-slot, allowing parallel edit of sound items on separate slots
      - Items can now be dragged or copy-pasted between editors
      - Improved content URI handling
      - Improved system clipboard/data transfer integration
      - Moved licence system to cryptographically secure, node-locked (TX pro).
      - Improved wave transient (slice) detection
      - Improved wav file support
      - Improved aiff file support
      - Improved sound font import
      - Improved SFZ import
      - Improved sound engine
      - Lower CPU usage
      - Improved sample interpolation
      - Improved effects
      - Wave import now uses less memory.
      - Removed Windows XP support
      - Improved graphics rendering.
      - Improved stylesheet syntax


.zip   TX16Wx Software Sampler 3.3.0 (Size: 33.71 MB / Downloads: 13)
.zip   TX16Wx Software Sampler 3.3.0 (Size: 36.09 MB / Downloads: 15)

.zip   TX16Wx Software Sampler (Size: 49.72 MB / Downloads: 1)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
Hi there,

Version 3.4.0.c is released.

Release notes may be found in the relase notes, and at the KVR Forum:

Please note that there is a professional version as well. For more info go here:

Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.

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