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VST Devil Soundz has released Devil Vocal Processor, free plugin VST / VST3 for Windows.
Devil Vocal Processor

[Bild: XWSO6Bx.jpg]

Devil Vocal Processor is for making your vocal tracks sound like you recorded your vocals in a professional studio even if you didn’t record them in a professional studio. Devil Vocal Processor is meant for people who don’t have a professional recording studio but want professional results. Devil Vocal Processor is there to bring out the heart of your vocals while maintaining the qualities of your voice by giving them the right amount of harmonics and giving your vocals a professional studio quality feel. Devil Vocal Processor if programmed correctly doesn't take away from how your voice actually sounds but improves your voice to have a professional studio quality feel. You can clean up your vocals using the vocal control section. You can use the smooth vocals feature to smooth out your voice making your voice sound more crisp and use that with the vocal enhancer feature to give your voice a little extra harmonics to bring out the heart in your voice. You can use the vocal control range section to fine tune the vocal control range section by fine tuning the frequency range to your voice to further bring out crispness and heart of your voice. Then you have the master control section which starts with the vocal spread use this feature to make your voice sound more rich and full. Then use the vocal frequency feature to fine tune Devil Vocal Processor to your voice depending on whether you have a deep voice to a high voice. So the vocal frequency feature is to keep your voice sounding deep or high depending on how your voice actually sounds. Use the smooth vocals feature in the master control to further fine tune Devil Vocal Processor to your voice by further fine tuning the frequency of Devil Vocal Processor to match your voice. The enhancer range selector amplifies the vocal control section saturating your vocals more or less. The vocal frequency is for setting the base frequency to the vocal control section. The vocal saturation selector is used for smoothing out your vocas and taking away unwanted artifacts like distortions. The five band EQ can be used with all the other features to really get your voice sounding just like you but with a studio quality feel. You will need to play around with the features a bit to get the desired result you want. But in the end it will be worth it because you will have a vocal track that sounds like you just got done recording in a professional recording studio.You can check out Devil Soundz YouTube Channel. Devil Soundz YouTube channel will have all the latest beats, videos and info about Devil Vocal Processor.



.zip   devil-vocal-processor-1.1-x32.zip (Größe: 3.68 MB / Downloads: 5)
.zip   devil-vocal-processor-1.1-x64.zip (Größe: 4.71 MB / Downloads: 5)
.zip   devil-vocal-processor-1.1-x32-vst3.zip (Größe: 3.7 MB / Downloads: 1)
.zip   devil-vocal-processor-1.1-x64-vst3.zip (Größe: 4.74 MB / Downloads: 1)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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