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VSTI Dr. midiK LFO-Seq VSTi beta free WIN (32-bit) (2009) (rare)
Dr. midiK LFO-Seq VSTi beta free WIN (32-bit) (2009) (rare)

[Image: 4WuRxVM.jpg]

LFO-Seq Features:
Consisting of 4 modulation sources, LFO-seq is a virtual instrument designed to create rhythmic sounds.

3 LFOs control the 3 basic modules of the internal synthesizer (analog type), the VCO (the pitch), the VCF (the filter) and the VCA (the amplitude). Each has the classic waveform settings (Wave: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle and White Noise), pulse width for the Pulse waveform (PW), a Phase setting, a tempo synchronization setting (Cycle 16/1 to 1/16), as well as a “Sample & Hold” function.

A fourth LFO, having the same settings as the other 3, except the Sample & Hold function, allows 5 other modulations, the first on the Tempo (modulation between the "host" tempo and the internal tempo), the last 4 on the different pulse width settings of the pulse wave of the other 3 LFOs (PW Vco, Vca and Vcf), as well as that of the oscillators (PW Osc).

The internal synthesizer consists of 2 oscillators (Wave: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, White Noise and Pink Noise), a common pulse width setting for the Pulse waveform (PW), pitch shift (Octave +/- 4, Semi +/- 12 and Fine) only for the second oscillator, as well as a mix settings for the 2 oscillators. Added to these are the parameters related to the modulations, the pitch modulation by the LFO dedicated to this section (> Octave 0 to 8,> Semi 0 to 24 and> Fine and Polarity: positive, symmetric and negative), and the modulation of the pulse width of the Pulse waveform by the 4th LFO.

The VCF section has the Cutoff and Resonance settings, as well as the Low-Pass and High-Pass filter level settings, plus a Time setting. Attack. We also find here, the modulation settings of the dedicated LFO on the first 2 parameters, as well as the modulation polarity.

The VCA has a Level control as well as an ADSR envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release). There is also modulation of the dedicated LFO on the volume as well as an adjustment of the modulation threshold.

LFO-seq offers 2 Tempo displays. The upper display indicates the Tempo of the host software, the other the internal Tempo, adjustable by the potentiometer ... "Tempo". The “Host” button activates the Host Tempo. The Mod button activates the tempo modulation by the 4th LFO, between the internal value and the value of the host Tempo.

The "Latch" button allows you to keep notes played on the keyboard. Once activated, this function allows you to hold the note after pressing and releasing the key, and to stop the note after a second press / release of the same key. While maintaining the note, pressing a different key will change the note played, and it will continue to be maintained.

Dr. midiK midi-LFO VST beta free WIN (32-bit) (2008) (rare)

[Image: S0jdaxy.jpg]

A simple MIDI LFO with channel (MIDI) and MIDI controller (CC) settings, waveform (Wave), Phase, tempo sync (Cycle), threshold (Thresh) and signal amplitude (Ampli). Added to this is a Sample & Hold (S / H) function creating a staircase effect on the signal

- for registered Users free to download!

.zip (Size: 1.75 MB / Downloads: 26)
.zip (Size: 881.49 KB / Downloads: 17)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
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