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VSTI SpearGear Boomed-FM II VSTi v2.05 free WIN (32-bit)[2007]
SpearGear Boomed-FM II VSTi v2.05 free WIN (32-bit) (2007) (extremely rare) Public release version (discontinued)

[Image: Sh43KbXl.jpg]

Boomed-FM II is a Hybrid  FM/Phase Distortion synthesizer, which produces clean or distorted high  quality sound from many ranges: Strings, bases, keys, leads, pads etc…

Key Features:

-Oscillators and envelopes

There are six combined oscillators (modulators and carriers). For carriers are used Phase Modulation oscillators, which modulation  depth perform wave module oscillator. Separately for every combined  oscillator, there is very fat Low Pass 4-pole moog filter with  adjustable cut frequency. Afterwards there is fine-tuning and Phase  modulation adjustment for an analog sense.

Mixer adjusts the level from oscillators and enables or disables output.

-Master Filter

Master Filter contains Biquad filter with enveloped frequency-CUT. There  are tree filter modes: Constant Skirt Gain (CSG), Constant 0db Peak  Gain (COPK), and Peak. If Peak it’s selected, Gain/Attenuation can be  adjusted from -60 to 24 db. There’s also up to for octave bandwidth.


Delay module if selected creates stereo output. There’s “Full In” and  Normal delay mode. The first one it used for soft distortion and  feedback modulation, while other gives delayed stereo sound with  adjustable speed and timing.


Stereo input and very fat stereo output with high quality signal processing.


MIDI section allows to choose playing Octave, select Mono mode (which  enables Retrigger function), There’s also velocity level and Portamento  Time adjustments...

- for registered Users free to download!

.zip (Size: 1.32 MB / Downloads: 29)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
Knew only v1.0 so far.
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.

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