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Dass das Forum weiterhin besteht -------------------------- That the Forum continues to exist

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Bundle music-society specialpack Safwan Matni
music-society specialpack Safwan Matni

The site is still online, but the downloads are not working anymore.


[Image: 5GQBB3Cl.jpg]

Accordion VSTi.

Baglama +

[Image: 8KPKpvjl.jpg]

A dynamic Baglama VSTi with quarter tones.

[Image: rsUNglal.jpg]

Ten Component vintage organ simulator.


[Image: 9d7oWKll.jpg]

General is a sampled acoustic piano.

[Image: rFUsIH1l.jpg]

Soundfont Player with microtuning.
Jazz Baby

[Image: Cge0hbpl.jpg]

Baby Jazz is a sampled upright piano.


[Image: nSsTjJll.jpg]

A Middle Eastern Strings Module.

[Image: KX5aXpEl.jpg]

Basic Kanun sound with Quarter Tone Control.

[Image: FeDfw7Kl.jpg]

Multi Purpose Strings Section.

[Image: swoELGol.jpg]

Nay sound with Quarter Tone Control

[Image: IgOY8tGl.jpg]

A Heart breaking Organ with Quarter Tones.

[Image: F2WajCql.jpg]

Oud Sound with Quarter Tone Control.

[Image: 61qTxeSl.jpg]

A premium Grand Piano Module
Safwan Soundfont Player

[Image: OYkNuDll.jpg]

A flexible soundfont player.

[Image: vVrGcW9l.jpg]

Takim is a Middle Eastern Drum Module.

[Image: mrGgET2l.jpg]

A quarter tone adjustable VSTi Zourna.


32 bit only

.rar   music-society specialpack Safwan Matni.rar (Size: 100.9 MB / Downloads: 3)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
good VPN
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
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Here are two more, just VSTI with no controls:
Goldentine (E-Piano)
[Image: fJ6XTrjl.jpg]

.rar   Goldentine.rar (Size: 27.68 MB / Downloads: 2)
[Image: rAJYlp7l.gif]

.zip   Strings.zip (Size: 838.32 KB / Downloads: 1)
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.
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