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vst/vst3/au/aax Semantic Audio Safe Reverb
Semantic Audio Safe Reverb

[Image: koDSslzl.jpg]

Semantic is one of the better players in the freeware space, and their take on reverb is a useful and toneful tool. Its most unique feature, and one that no other reverb I’ve found offers is a text box that lets you type in keywords to get whatever sound you need. Warm? Dull? Bright? Dark? Just type in the vibe you’re looking for and the parameters will shift accordingly. It doesn’t offer much by way of EQ, but this is a non-issue. It’s versatile, sounds great, and is extremely easy to dial in – search feature aside.



.zip   SAFEPlugins-1.32-WindowsVST-32Bit.zip (Size: 4.71 MB / Downloads: 2)
.zip   SAFEPlugins-1.32-WindowsVST-64Bit.zip (Size: 5.53 MB / Downloads: 3)
.zip   SAFEPlugins-1.32-OSX.zip (Size: 8.68 MB / Downloads: 1)
.gz   SAFEPlugins-1.32-LinuxVST-32Bit.tar.gz (Size: 9.43 MB / Downloads: 0)
.gz   SAFEPlugins-1.32-LinuxVST-64Bit.tar.gz (Size: 9.27 MB / Downloads: 0)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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