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vst/vst3/au/aax Coral Bax-ter EQ
Coral Bax-ter EQ

[Image: Coral+BAXTER+teaser+004.png?sh=d13c54cbe690af96]

Coral2 is out and is better than ever. Featuring AI Deep Learning technology, it is fast and incredibly musical.

This awesome freebie is brought to you as a taster of the potential of our new amazing plugin suite. But do not let the word FREE fool you. This equalizer - which is a simplified version of the Mid/Side version included in the Coral suite - is equally as powerful, and enables you to shape your tracks effortlessly.

The free Baxter, like the commercial version, features AI-based presets created by experienced engineers who have worked closely with us on this product. If you are curious to know more, give Coral2 user manual a shot.

Use Baxter it on drums, guitars and full mixes too to give your sound a gentle Hi-Fi shine but without making it too harsh or sterile.



.zip   Setup Aquarius 2.3.003 Win.zip (Size: 8.62 MB / Downloads: 5)
.zip   Setup Aquarius 2.3.003 OSX.zip (Size: 9.45 MB / Downloads: 0)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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