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VSTI Quilcom Harpverb
Quilcom Harpverb

[Image: front-panel.png]

The Quilcom Harpverb was inspired by Pianoverb and Sympathizer but is, of course, my own take on such an effect system.The original idea was to simulate the sound of a harp or piano, with the sustain (damper) pedal pressed and when excited by an input signal. This gives a chromatically tuned type of sympathetic reverberation.Having made the basic engine (using 61 tuned resonant comb filters) I quickly realised that it was easy to tweak the settings to provide a surprisingly wide range of weird and interesting variations on the basic idea. I actually don’t know how you could create some of these sounds by any other means!I made a video to demonstrate some of the sounds, based on the inbuilt presets:

The effect has a MIDI input so you can use your sustain pedal along with a piano synth to add the sound of sympathetic string resonance when the pedal is pressed. It can, if you so wish, also use the last note pressed to shift the whole span when playing.

The download includes the fsm, VST, presets and a User Guide. Click on the image to get it.

I hope you have a bit of fun with this and maybe find a creative use for it.



.zip   Quilcom-Harpverb-v1.005.zip (Size: 8.9 MB / Downloads: 11)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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