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VSTI SloTone Ultralite- for registered Users free to download!
SloTone Ultralite

[Image: cG3UiNs.png]

SloTone Ultralite is a MIDI Mobiles soundbank rompler for playing .wav sounds with a slice manager (up to 128 sounds for an instrument compiled in a single wave file with text files). It similar to SoundFonts and other formats merging wave sounds with MIDI files.

It's the third version of a collection of SloTone Software (SloTone Organizer and SloTone Player).

Lighter and more functional, SloTone Ultralite consumes very little CPU and is compatible with the majority of sequencers with the integration of 32-bit VST plugin.

With templates incorporated in the software, you can encapsulated sound with a quantification of 128 step and reindex this sound, you can rearrange the order of this sound and also the pitch in semitone with decimal value for more precision...

Some compatible soundbanks, didactic videos and video performances will soon be added...

You can compile your own soundbanks using several MIDI Mobile stamped software but also with audio processing and batch conversion software like Goldwave very suitable for the creation of the 'All in one' sort of ready 'Slug' Sounds for SloTone...

V.0.4 version:

Restart the plugin with the rights users parameters (save and load in your DAW).
V.0.5 version:

More stability when we change the sound.
The button 'Ready to Play' is advisable before load a prepared sound (for autoslice, new slice and .end file separate detected). Arm this and select your sound in the Navigator).
V.0.6 version:

Delay on the MIDI file names to avoid fatal crashes when changing sound during playing a MIDI file.
Better incorporation of SloTone.ini data.
Fix minor bug.
User manual (en) with mini tutorial inside in the package.
V.0.7 version:

The templates files are now well localized with SloTone.ini (the template control didn't work).
New templates texte file for make compatible 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 beats compatibles with a resolution of 64 and 128 beats.
More info in the packages.
V.0.8 version:

Template improvement.

More suitable settings on pitch offset, range of transposition by octave and semitone.

List of different controllers used for software settings:

. Mod wheel CC01.

. Volume CC07.

. Gain CC08
. Portamento time CC05
. Cutoff CC74
. Resonance CC71
. Pan CC10
. Pitch Offset CC31
. ADSR Attack CC73
. ADSR Release CC72.

. Pitchbend of course (you can adjust the range by right clicking on the pitchbend).

V.0.81 version:

Fix a bug about restart the plugin with the rigths users parameters.
V.0.9 version:

Fix a bug when you load a MIDI list .dim (custumised).
Double click in 'MIDI list' reload the SloTone.ini configuration (EcolooP.dim by default).
V.1.0 version:

All versions of SloTone (Organizer, Player and Ultralite) are in 1.0 version now.
Please download SloTone.rar another time to have new templates (with midifiles corrected). You can use midifiles with a '_' at the end of the name for transpose the sequence from the C2 note (slice 49).
New sounds in SloTone_Organizer\Instruments repertory...

Randomize min/max number with patchs memory.
Midi list index with patch memory.
the 'Sample Root' function has just been improved. You can pitched now a MIDI loop when 'Sample Root' is triggered .
Click to Root_Ultralite.bat for link the templates folder with SloTone.ini (put it in the SloTone_Ultralite folder of your 32-bit plugin folder).

New documentation in the package and:

Improvment to the Mute function (add smooth for avoid untimely clicks).
The min /max list show number equivalence for transposed templates (midi files and _10.txt / .end with '_' are transposed but not by default in the recent versions. There's no need to use the old system with new MIDI Mobiles soundbank but the old system was kept for the other).
Refresh of the Favoris list with favoris panel.
SloTone_Ultralite can be downloaded at:

You can also download now the 3 versions of SloTone (SloTone_Organizer, SloTone_Player and SloTone_Ultralite) in an only SloTone.rar package with templates integrated in SloTone_Organizer repertory at:

The support for SloTone KVR Challenge DC2018 is here:

come and say hello ...

Don't forget to recover SloTone.ini and put it in the plugin repertory to access the templates...

(click to Root_Ultralite.bat or Root_Organizer.bat in SloTone_Organizer repertory for create the SloTone.ini file).

.rar   SloTone_Ultralite.rar (Size: 4.26 MB / Downloads: 15)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo

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