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[Image: image.png]

The SYNTH Model is a development of line Style ORGAN.

This is a Synthesizer and Classic Organ in one.

Nine Standard Drawbars /switch Unisono for UNIT2/.

Waveform: Saw,Ramp,Triangle,Pulse.


Unit Key Click and Percussion.

Intensity Harmonic for an individual Drawbar - On/Off.

Scanner Vibrato, Wide Pan, Joystick Twin Filter.

Envelope ADSR and Envelope Twin Filter for UNIT1 and UNIT2.

Delay,Chorus, Reverberation.

Many another at main Panel and container UNIT / LFO, Pitch, Level, Twin Filter - combine Low Pass, Hi Pass, Band Pass and Band Reject/.

Medium CPU and intuitive Interface.



.rar   Style ORGAN v1.7 P8 S.rar (Size: 1.5 MB / Downloads: 16)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
[Image: features.en.gif]
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