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Bundle music-society specialpack EFM - for registered Users to download!
music-society specialpack EFM


[Image: ApJtQqD.jpg]

Alpha is a Roland Alpha Juno 1 emulation.

   DCO / VCA / VCF / LFO.
   Envelope generator.
   Low pass filter.
   High pass filter.
   Poly / mono.
   Unison / glide.

Alpha II

[Image: S0VtruZ.jpg]

Alpha II is a classic analog synthesizer.

   DCO / VCA / VCF / LFO.
   Envelope generator.
   Low pass filter.
   High pass filter.
   Unison / portamento.
   MIDI learn.
Axx II

[Image: UnhhZLQ.jpg]

Axx II is an Arp Axxe emulator.


[Image: jCj9DIL.jpg]

CDS-2 is a classic analog synth.

[Image: 4q7k7HR.jpg]

D-String is a string machine.

   Fixed Vib Depth.
   Fixed Joystick Noise.
   Fixed EG Depth +/- EG.
   Added a touch more res to the filter.


[Image: 0mVEBNG.jpg]

EFM-DrumKit - 16 step patterns drumkit
EFM-DrumKit is a double 16 step pattern drumkit.

   12 drum elements.
   2 X 16 step pattern.
   A / B patterns loop program.
   Host sync.
Fuff Muzz

[Image: 40kx0Pp.jpg]

Fuff Muzz is a classic fuzz distortion.

[Image: piZFcPO.jpg]

Jup6 is a Roland Jupiter 6 emulation

[Image: Rv6gQAZ.jpg]

Hyperwave is a classic analog synth.

[Image: 8oXIKHT.jpg]

Kp6 ia Korg PolySix emulation.
Micro Modular

[Image: 3tEbDet.jpg]

This synth is capable of creating some nice analog type sounds.

It includes a Mod Matrix and Chrorus, Delay and Arp controls.  There are only 16 presets included with Micro Modular but the layout of this synth is pretty intuitive and it should take little time coming up with a bunch of nice presets yourself.

[Image: HmIknTM.jpg]

Mini-SE is a classic 3 oscillators analog synthesizer.

   3 oscillators / 6 waveforms.
   Noise generator.
   Mod / LFO.
   High pass / Low pass filter.
   ADS filter envelope.
   ADS amp envelope.
   Poly / mono.
   MIDI automation.


[Image: 68AverC.jpg]

Ob-80 is an Oberheim ob-8 emulation.

   2 oscillators.
   Mod / LFO.
   Low pass filter.
   ADSR filter envelope.
   ADSR amp envelope.
   Poly / mono.
   Detune / portamento.
   MIDI automation.

[Image: w15TeUT.jpg]

ocII is an Octave Cat emulation.

   Envelope generator.
   2 VCO / VCF / VCA / LFO.

[Image: iVM8yC6.jpg]

Odd-SE is a vintage ARP Odyssey synth emulation.
P-600 II

[Image: zvMUpUM.jpg]

The P-600 II is an emulation of the SCI Prophet 600.

[Image: al7My8I.jpg]

Pro-1 is a Sequential Circuits Pro-One emulation.

   Lowered the range switches an octave.
   Fixed Osc-B range switch.
   GUI fixes.
   Moved the Midi-Learn and Phrase Arp to a separate panel.

[Image: xlN4cSm.jpg]

Pro-DG is a Moog Prodigy emulation.

   2 oscillators.
   Low pass filter.
   ADS filter envelope.
   ADS amp envelope.
   Unison / glide.
   MIDI automation.

[Image: bfvXGKS.jpg]

Pro-SE is a classic 2 oscillators analog synthesizer.

   2 oscillators.
   Modulation matrix / LFO.
   Low pass filter.
   ADS filter envelope.
   ADS amp envelope.

[Image: 54nbcpm.jpg]

RJU-60 is a Roland Juno-60 emulation.

   DCO / VCA / VCF / LFO.
   Envelope generator.
   Low pass filter.
   High pass filter.
   Unison / detune.

[Image: bO0RDDR.jpg]

Rjxp is a Roland JX8p emulation.

[Image: MR5E3HC.jpg]

ScP5 emulates a popular synth from the 80’s, the Prophet-5.

[Image: GccUa3k.jpg]

SFS 2 is a complete SF2 player.

[Image: AnmkQ5j.jpg]

Synthia2 is a EMS Synthi A emulation.

   Classic emulation.
   Selectable reverb and delay.
   Scope and Volt Meter.
   Low CPU.
   Midi learn.

[Image: vCNxNvK.jpg]

TB4 is a very simple arpeggiator synth.

.zip   music-society specialpack EFM.zip (Size: 26.83 MB / Downloads: 54)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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ergänzend habe ich noch:
[Image: AbrIkjP.jpg]

.zip   Vogue.zip (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 18)

[Image: XWLLJnJ.jpg]
Es gab noch eine 1. Version von Synthia, die ist aber nicht zu finden, wohl weil damals kostenpflichtig.

I have got an additional one:
[Image: AbrIkjP.jpg]


.zip   Vogue.zip (Size: 1.49 MB / Downloads: 18)

And there was a first version of Synthia (see pic above), but it is apparently lost, probably because it was commercial at that time.
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.
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Seems like 'someone' found another ...
[Image: x06O5Hd.jpg]
And here's a (more) complete list - made by someone '2 lazy' (?) to track them all down:
EFM 2-Track,  EFM 2-TrackM,  EFM 4-TrackII,  EFM 8-Track,  EFM AXX2,  EFM CDS-2,  EFM Classic,  EFM DigitalWave 01,  EFM DW01,  EFM DWave,  EFM Eleven,  EFM EQ-15,  EFM EQ-31,  EFM GE-7,  EFM GSyn 2,  EFM GuitarShop,  EFM Hyperwave,  EFM KP-6,  EFM LA-01,  EFM LA-RD01,  EFM MicroModular 005,  EFM MicroModular 006,  EFM MicroModular 1.04,  EFM Mini Synth,  EFM Mini-SE,  EFM Muff,  EFM Nightmare,  EFM OB-80,  EFM OC-II,  EFM Odd-SE, ,  EFM PreDrum,  EFM Pro-SE,  EFM PureRom-04,  EFM rcA2,  EFM Realdrums,  EFM RokMan,  EFM SCP-1,  EFM SCP-5,  EFM SCP-600,  EFM SF Engine,  EFM SF Synth 2,  EFM SF Synth 3,  EFM SF Synth LE,  EFM Single Cycle,  EFM SQ-U,  EFM SSF,  EFM ST-01 Distortion,  EFM ST-02 Delay,  EFM ST-03 RMod,  EFM ST-04 GSynth,  EFM ST-05 Metal,  EFM ST-06 Phasor,  EFM ST-07 Chorus,  EFM ST-08 Flanger,  EFM ST-09 GE 7,  EFM ST-10 Gate,  EFM ST-11 SubGen,  EFM ST-12 Panner,  EFM StompShop,  EFM Studder,  EFM Stutter,  EFM Synthia 2,  EFM TB4,  EFM Track EQ,  EFM Track EQII,  EFM USS,  EFM VAmpJ,  EFM XWave2,  EFM Zanna2
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