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(16-10-2017, 08:02 PM)gvele Wrote:

Example how to post in the Forum, this is not FB....

VST Synths & Effects


[Image: TW-Opkicker.bmp]

Analogue kick synthesis in digital form, but with some extra features.
4 Oscilators, tweaked and twisted to simulate analogue behavior.
Multiple Filters and a Distortion to get the sound you want.
Reverb, Echo, Delay and Auto Pan to create all sorts of unusual effects.
Us an extra effect like a Maximizer or Compressor to get groundshaking kicks.
Playing higher notes turns this machine in a regular synth.

[Image: TW-Percussion1.jpg]

Synth designed for short and percussive sounds.
2 multiple waveform oscilators, 1 noise oscilator.
Low Pass/High Pass/Band Pass filter to suit every need.
2 LFO's for the filters, to get that nice modulated sound.
Stereo beatsynced delay.

[Image: TW-Elong.jpg]

Synth with a very nice sound, 64 presets and lots of ways to edit sounds.
The combined sound of the 3 oscilators go to the amplifier, where you can use 3 envelopes
to create multi-layered sounds. All goes to the filter section with it's own envelope
and LFO. Seperate L/R delay with pre-delay. The sound then goes to the final delay for
even more crazy effects. Also a reverb and an EQ, wich can fatten the bottom end of sounds.
With all the delays on the envelopes and the effect section, it's a great synth to create
unique long sounds, but a lot more is possible.
It's free, so try for yourself and be amazed just like me by the power of this synth.
TW-Saw Block

[Image: TW-Saw_Block.jpg]

Old analog style saw synth. (616 x 285 pixels)
No presets, just turning the knobs.
Sub-oscilator with selectable waveform.
Scalable Accent with velocities from 101 to 128.
18db Low Pass filter.
2 seperate beatsynced delay units.

TW-PulseSynth (ver.3)

[Image: TW-PulseSynth3.gif]

Very small and cpu friendly pulse synth.
2 Pulse Oscilators with Octave Switch, Pulse Width sliders, Phase and Detune.
Stereo Delay with individual controls for left/right. Beatsync and Free mode.
Filter section with LFO's to adjust Cut Off/Resonance. Can be synced to bar start.
Multiple waveforms and free/beatsync mode.
LFO 2 with phase slider, doesn't adjust the phase, but has a nice effect to it.
Cut Off/Resonance with lfo1-2 balance slider, Offset slider and Output slider.
Low Pass / High Pass / Band Pass switch on Cut Off.
Patch selector with 32 presets.

[Image: TW-LiquidTiny.jpg]

Versatile mono/poly synth.
701 pixels wide, 551 pixels high.
Patch selector with 120 presets.
3 Oscilators with wave/noise select, Octave Switch, Pulse Width, Detune and Sync.
Filter section with LP-HP-BP and Envelope Modulation wich can be inversed.
Stereo Beat-Synced Delay with individual controls for left/right.
X/Y-control knob for Cut Off and Resonance for easy tweaking.
Cut Off and Resonance have their own modifier for automation.
The same goes for Reverb Mix and Delay Mix.

[Image: PitchShop1.jpg]

Oscilator 1+2:
Wave oscilators with wave select, octave shift, note shift and detune.
Pulse width control for the pulse waveform.
On/Off switch for each oscilator for easy tweaking.

ADSR envelope for each oscilator.
Volume meter to visualize the output.

Soundbank with 128 programmed sounds, some strange, some weird, not the standard soundkit.
[size=undefined]Dairy Drop
Space Bassguitar
Oriental Twin
XQ Headquarters
Aquarium Life
Computer Metal
std sound
Popping Wind
Slythering Wood
Cheapest Electric Piano
Post Spice
Echo Trompetick
Prik Bassgit
Alien Bar Piano
Sssaaawww Out of Tune
Long Lasting Something
Long Mono Noisy Pulse
Romantic 50's
Walking PopBass
Synth Nicolas[/size]
[size=undefined]Hippie's Revenge
Bass of Sin
Low Tendril
No Comprehendo
Overdone LP Crypto
Chopper Bass
Melodized Hit
Short Jacket
Cold Case E
Single Beat Pitcher
Block Basster
Three Slow Bumps
Honky Tank Pyjama
Play Polyphonic Slow
Myster I. Ous
Myster E.
Split Chinese Take-Out
Swell Sweller
Get Shorty
Delayed Police
Deep Element
Hardstyle Overdrive
Single Woodtick
Slow Rise to Max
NPC Organatic
Morphing Generatic
The Key is to Follow
Chord C like in C
Long Distorted Noise
Novella Orientalis
Spooky Rhythm Tap[/size]
[size=undefined]Waving Electro
Mono Sapiens
Semi-tuned Click
Onyx Small Band
Influenza Ocarina
T.B. Sequence
SciFi Phaser
Bassa Nova
S.O.S. Tuning
Reaper Creaper
Big Burger
Headmaster Jack
Leipzig Limo
Rainy Day Lead
Dark Mono Piano
Cult Movie
Digital Church
Crystal meets Guitar
Damped Dub
Lauper Organ
Vaccine 3 o' 3
Nutcase Trial
Hawai Hangover[/size]
[size=undefined]Turbulant Wind
10.000 BC
Left Bass - Right Noise
Dr. Mortalis
Low Leadership
Happy Time
Another Short Go
Rumble Woosh
Platina Pulse
Velocity Jazz Bass
Static Noise
Piccolo of Time
Aces High
Long Distance Call
ComSat 1
ComSat 2
Massive Distortion
Rune of Faith
el K.O.
Silicon Miami
Dirty Lead
Wire Buzz
Mechanical Organ
Echo's in Spring
House 3.03
Battle HiHat ½
Brrr... Cold[/size]

[Image: PitchShop2.jpghttp:]
Pitch Control:
Effectivity to select the range of the pitch control.
Target select (osc1, osc2, osc1+2, noise, all)
LFO to adjust pitch, to create vibrato effects or extreme sounds.
Wave form select and beatsynced timing for the LFO.

Noise Oscilator:
Oscilator with different waveforms, including white noise and pink noise.
LFO with waveform select and beatsynced timing, assigned to the filter.
LP/HP Cut Off filter.
ADSR envelope and output.
On/Off switch for easy tweaking

[Image: PitchShop3.jpghttp:]

Envelope Follow:
Adjusts the filter if selected there.
Attack and Delay knob.
The Amount knob scales the output of the envelope follower,
wich is then send to the Offset.
LP/HP Filter, Resonance, Overdrive and Limmiter.
Different controllers can be selected for the Cut Off.
Seperate knobs for Key Follow and Cut Off.

[Image: PitchShop4.jpghttp:]

Delay + Pan:
Beatsynced Delay with Feedback and Output knob.
Just a plain and simple L-R Pan for oscilator 1+2.
9 band graphic equalizer for oscilator 1+2.

[Image: ww1.jpghttp:]

Versatile Mono/Poly Synth with portamento.
Loads of controls to create (or adjust) sounds, divided over different screens.
Easy to use interface, very understandable for beginners and experts.
Interface 810 pixels wide, height 619 pixels.
Patchbank with 128 sounds.

No need to explain all the knobs and options for this synth,
the graphics show all you want to know.

[Image: PVM-Noise.jpg]

Versatile Mono/Poly Synth with Noise Oscilator.
Loads of controls to create (or adjust) sounds, divided over different screens.
Easy to use interface, very understandable for beginners and experts.
Interface 722 pixels wide, height 343 pixels.
Patchbank with 64 sounds.

[Image: TWS-VolumeBoost.jpg]

Simple Stereo Volume Booster with output knob.
In case synths don't produce enough volume for your set.

[Image: TWS-EQ-LowHighCut.jpg]

12 db low and high shelf equalizer to remove unwanted sounds.
Can also be used to change the characteristics of sounds.
Manual input in Hz for each shelf.

[Image: TWS-XMix.jpg]

Simple CrossMixer with possibility to invert & mix the channels (-).
This can create interesting effects with stereo sounds,
but keep in mind that a waveform minus it's inverted self gives no sound.
If L and R are equal, normal mixing only gives a higher volume,
invert mixing will only dampen the sound.

or as Bundle

.zip   TW.ZIP (Size: 30.57 MB / Downloads: 23)

Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
Thanks fro bundling them

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