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Bundle music-society specialpack MaxSynths
music-society specialpack MaxSynths

Info H E R E


[Image: sEVRNNH.png]

Crisalys is a software synthesizer characterized by a powerful audio engine which can work up to 192Khz. The three oscillators are driven by custom waveforms designed specifically to grant top quality sound in any situation. Each oscillator has built-in FM, Ring Modulator and Cross Modulation options controlled by three separate internal LFOs. The Ring Modulator can achieve sound characteristics that can go beyond the common sonorities of this effect, thanks to an internal custom circuit which has been developed for this purpose.

The audio path continues through two multifilters which can operate as state variable filters, analog emulations or in EQ mode. The modulation section offers, in addition to the classic controls (modulation wheel, aftertouch, velocity, etc.), four LFOs, two aux envelopes and two step LFOs which can be used as modulation sources to create atmospheric pads, control the filters, create rhythmic sequences and so on. Each LFO has a special "Quantize" control which can be used to introduce a small (or huge, if turned fully clockwise) variation to the LFO wave and sync speed. Used on pads this can produce interesting effects, adding some granulosity to the sound.

The effect section includes a classic stereo flanger, a delay (which can work in classic or cross mode), a compressor and a reverb. Crisalys features eight built-in step sequencers (up to 32 steps) which can work all at the same time. The active pattern can be edited manually or recorded in realtime using an external MIDI keyboard. The sequencer patterns can be stored in the hard disk as separate pattern files or as a bank of 64 patterns.


            · 3 Oscillators with 18 custom waveforms.
            · built-in frequency, ring and cross modulation per oscillator
            · filter routing option
            · tuning and pitch bend options per oscillator
            · 2 multi filters with 12 different filters (including custom designed and analog emulations)
            · built-in modulation options per filter
            · Modulation section: 4 LFOs, 2 AUX envelopes, 2 step sequencers
            · Modulation matrix with 5 assignable sources and 16 fixed destinations
            · FX section: flanger, delay compressor, reverb
            · Eight powerful 32 notes sequencers able to load up to 64 patterns
            · Custom audio engine for high quality audio
            · 256 preset sounds
            · 64 sequencer patterns

[Image: zjQ57iX.png]

MONO POWER. Nero is a mono synthesizer for bass, lead and sequenced sounds.

Its strength is in the OSC section which features two internally synced oscillators capable of creating, thanks also to the modulation options, TB alike sounds, evolving drones fat basses and detuned lead sounds in a breeze. The filter section features a zero delay feedback filter and the audio engine has been tweaked to provide a great impact on the low frequencies.

The "Pattern Sequencer" is another key feature and a great source of inspiration for the modern producer: it features 64 original sequences that can be used as they are or, by editing the play options (play mode, length, etc), it's possible to create totally new bass/seq lines.


   ·  Synced Oscillators
   ·  Pattern Sequencer with 64 original phrases
   ·  Zero Delay feedback filter
   ·  128 inspiring preset sounds
   ·  Extensive modulation options
   ·  Mapping file for BCR-2000
   ·  Low CPU usage

[Image: 5nyQoPL.png]

Latte is inspired by the old synthesizers from the past and is able to produce powerful synth sounds, fat basses, expressive leads, crazy sounds and more. Despite the synth layout looks very simple the modulation options allows to shape the sound in a lot of different ways. One of the most interesting features is the possibility to use the polyphonic aftertouch as a modulation source to create the typical expressive sounds which has been a trademark for the well known synth gurus of the past.

The Saw/Pulse oscillator of Latte, characterized by a powerful and warm sound, has been created specially with the aim to recreate a realistic vintage sound.


   ·  2 Oscillators with custom Saw and Pulse waveforms and noise generator
   ·  12dB Low Pass/High Pass state variable filter
   ·  2 LFOs with assignable destinations
   ·  Assignable envelope generator
   ·  Extensive options for external modulation with routable Channel or Poly Aftertouch
   ·  FX section with Chorus and Delay
   ·  16 voice polyphonic
   ·  Low CPU usage

[Image: IgkVoWR.png]

Cryologic is a soundfont library and a soundfont player very simple and easy to use. The SF-Oscillators allows to layer up to three different sounds with separate controls for level, pan, and octave shift for each osc. The filter is a classic state variable filter tweakable also via the X-Y controller. The two arpeggiators are a powerful feature which allows to create interesting patches, complex automatic bass lines, chord accompaniment and complex textures. The onboard reverb, delay and an internal ring modulator effect provides the final touch to this little yet powerful music production tool. A soundfont library of 456MB is included.

Ring Modulation Effect: if you have a control joystick like those on Korg synths, assign positive Y (joystick up) to CC#01 and negative Y (joystick down) to CC#02. This is the easiest way to have more control over the sound (vibrato and ring modulation). If you don't have a control joystick you can also use your modulation wheel for ring modulation (assign it to CC#2) and control vibrato with aftertouch.

[Image: 7bL4D8b.png]

Category: PAL-9000 is a noise synth, good for special FX/Sci-Fi stuff. The random sequences generated with PAL-9000 could have a very long evolving time, so my suggestion is to press a key and let it sing. PAL-9000 should react to pitch bend, modulation wheel, and channel aftertouch, but I'm not sure anymore.

Usage: Unknown

Known bugs:

         - Sometimes refuses to execute the orders
         - It could kill you

[Image: LYFqliW.png]

This synth has been one of the first projects I have developed with Synthedit. I used this synth in a lot of my songs for years and I'm very happy with it. I've decided to release it for free, maybe someone can find it useful. The instrument is far away from being perfect and probably will stay forever as is: I have programmed Galileo for satisfy my needs for some projects and I think I will never put my hands on it again. The GUI has been redisigned for this public release and feature some control elements by Vera Kinter.

[Image: hwKtKjr.png]

WTS-1 is a small synthesizer developed to provide an easy to understand tool for everyday usage. The simple interface and straight workflow make it the ideal tool for bread and butter bass, lead and pad sounds creation. Despite its simple aspect WTS-1 can create also interesting sound effects thanks to the built-in LFO. WTS-1 has a special "instability" function which introduce some imperfections into the oscillators audio path to simulate the behaviour of old analog synthesizers.


   ·  2 Oscillators with 4 custom waveforms
   ·  1 envelope per oscillator
   ·  Level, pan, octave control and filter routing per oscillator
   ·  FM control (OSC2 modulate OSC1)
   ·  2 independent State Variable filters
   ·  LFO routable to 7 different destinations
   ·  Built-in delay effect
   ·  "Instability" switch to simulate the subtle imperfections of the analog synthesizers oscillators.

[Image: XRAajXj.png]

Bass Module is a collection of bass sounds packed together into a single VST instrument, suitable for a wide range of music styles, from classic electronic, to dance music, to rock, metal and more!

Every single patch has been programmed/sampled and crafted with care. The module includes 64 original bass sounds divided in 100+ Mb of sample data (we squeezed everything like a lemon to make the plugin as light as possible for the system RAM). Bass Module includes both acoustic and synthesized bass sounds, ready to access from the GUI, no frills or other useless features: pure plug and play!

Bass Module include also a chorus FX and an internal dynamic processor set to process the bass frequencies and make the sound more present, compact and mix friendly.


   ·  64 original patches
   ·  Acoustic and synthesized bass sounds
   ·  +100MB of sample data
   ·  Custom chorus FX
   ·  Internal dynamic processor
   ·  Ultra light on CPU
   ·  Suitable for a wide range of music styles
DR-910 VSTi

[Image: T7gDIyY.png]

DR-910 is a drum machine inspired by one of the most known percussive instruments that massively helped to define the sound of modern electronic music.

The instrument itself does not need presentations: used by artists like Moby, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Jean Michel Jarre, The Chemical Brothers, Faithless and many many others, the TR-909 quickly became one of the most classic pieces of gear in the electronic musician's arsenal.

In terms of sound the DR-910 VSTi is a faithful reproduction of the original device: each sound section (bassdrum, snare drum, etc.) has been developed to sound and act as similar as possible to the original instrument. The plugin includes also some extra features not available in the hardware version: a reverb unit with independent send controls for each sound source, a compressor tailored to work with drum sounds (based on the same engine of MaxSynths DSP-1) and a Lo-Fi FX processor.

These extra features will help the user to quickly shape the sound as desired without using external plugins. However if you need to process the signal with external effects, each drum module can be routed to four different stereo outputs that can be independently processed in the DAW.


   ·  Faithful emulation of the original sound
   ·  Four stereo outputs
   ·  Mute and pan options for each instrument
   ·  Independent send level to the built-in reverb unit for each instrument
   ·  Built-in compressor featuring IDP cicrcuit
   ·  Built-in reverb unit routable to output 1-4
   ·  Lo-Fi FX with three independent modes
   ·  Full MIDI support through MIDI CC#
   ·  Behringer BCR-2000 custom template
   ·  Easy to operate
   ·  Low CPU usage

[Image: 0hoYJ5h.png]

A simple VSTi version of the well known drum soundfont by Ken Ardency (used by kind permission of the author). Small size, big sound; ideal for rock songs. The GUI has no controls, pure plug'n'play.

This plugin has been created for personal use and has been released as FREEWARE under request.

Simon is a set of drums VSTs inspired by Simmons Drums. I'm not sure at all how close to the original units it is, anyway I'm quite satisfied with the result. The best way to take advantage of these modules is inside a modular environment like EnergyXT, anyway they can be used with any VST host. Three modules are available currently: the bassdrum, the snare drum and the hihat. I hope to find some time to develop also the tom module and an "all in one" version with all the different modules in one single VSTi.

I want to thanks Mac of BIOnighT for the idea, support and suggestions!

[Image: g3gS40l.png]

Hybrid synth+sample module. The mix fader controls the mix level between the analog (synth) and digital (sample) section. The bassdrum is mapped on B0-C1.
MIDI Controllers:CC#07 Main Volume - CC#01 (Mod Wheel) Analog Pitch control

[Image: 7UIcnHE.png]

Hybrid synth+sample module. The "VAR" button switches on/off an internal LFO which introduces a slightly modulation in the analog and digital pitch parameter to create some variation in the sound to avoid the "gun machine effect". The snare drum is mapped on D1-E1.

MIDI Controllers: CC#07 Main Volume - CC#10 Pan - CC#01 (Mod Wheel) Analog Pitch control

[Image: N2Ml4yt.png]

Hybrid synth+sample module. The mix knob controls the mix level between the analog (synth) and digital (sample) section. The modulation wheel controls the ANALOG pitch (listen to the audio demo). The hihat is mapped on F#1, G#1, A#1 (Closed, Pedal and Open).

MIDI Controllers: CC#07 Main Volume - CC#10 Pan - CC#01 (Mod Wheel) Analog Pitch control

[Image: mX2eVx8.png]

DSP-1 is a high performance dynamic signal processor specifically designed to process drum tracks. DSP-1 can be used as an insert effect on single drum channels (bass drum, snare drum, overheads, etc.) or to process the entire drum bus. The aim of this effect is to increase the perceived level of the processed audio without introduce too much color or artifacts and, above all, avoiding distortion. With DSP-1 it's very easy to maximize the audio level of your drum track without make it sound over compressed or distorted.


   ·  Saturator with three different operation modes
   ·  Transparent increment of the perceived volume level
   ·  Automatic peak limiter
   ·  High precision input/output VU-meter
   ·  Low CPU usage

[Image: lFcdHIp.png]

DSP-2 is a high precision insert effect for vocal processing which includes an Intelligent Dynamic Processor, a saturator, a four band equalizer fixed on vocal key frequencies and a room emulator based on the Schroeder reverberator. DSP-2 has been designed to be an easy to understand solution for all your vocal processing needs.


   ·  Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP)
   ·  Four different automatic operative modes:
   ·  Selectable compression ratio
   ·  Saturator with three different operation modes
   ·  EQ fixed on vocal key frequencies
   ·  Room emulator based on Schroeder reverb model
   ·  Transparent increment of the perceived volume level
   ·  High precision input/output VU-meter
   ·  Low CPU usage

[Image: gq3QzdM.png]

DSP3 is a dynamics processor specifically designed to be used on the main bus. The main purpose of DSP-3 is to increase the perceived loudness of the track and make the mix more compact without introducing any distortion or audible artifacts.

Unlike other compressors DSP-3 is incredibly simple and intuitive: thanks to the internal IDP (Intelligent Dynamic Processor) circuit all the key parameters, necessary to have an adequate compression, are set automatically.

DSP3 includes four different dynamics processing models, selectable via a XY crossfade pad, which allows to crossfade the signal processed by the different algorithms.



   ·  Intelligent Dynamic Processor (IDP)
   ·  Four different automatic dynamic processor models
   ·  Transparent increment of the perceived volume level
   ·  High precision input/output VU-meter
   ·  Easy to operate
   ·  Low CPU usage

[Image: WAYAeKg.png]

Sturiophonia is a stereo image widener and sound placement tool born from an idea of Turi Curello.

The aim of the plugin is to increase the stereo image of mono tracks and help to place the sound in the right place by the use of dedicated internal filters and pan controls. The idea behind it is very simple yet effective and adds to the sound a pleasent stereo effect.

The best way to use this plugin is with mono tracks, by the way it's possible to switch the main input from mono to stereo (for example if you want to use it on the main mix).

USAGE: It's important to understand that Sturiophonia works by splitting the sound frequencies for the left and right channels using different filter methods, so to achieve the best results it is advisable to experiment with it and use the right frequencies depending on the source material feeded into it.

[Image: j1oDQjc.png]

Stereo filter module to add some movement to sounds. Ideal for pads, drum loops, etc. The divisor time for left and right channels are independent for a more deep effect.

NOTE: the stereo filter syncs to the host bar position. It only works when the sequencer play button is engaged.

[Image: SbravlJ.png]

UD-Reverb is a Synthedit reverb module created by Unkargherth & David Haupt. It can produce huge, shiny and evocative reverberations with long reverb times. This is a simple and straight "port" in VST format without extras: just the UD-Reverb module, four knobs for quick and intuitive tweaking of the patch and nothing more.
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
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many thanks for this great collection ,

greets , Moritz
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Thank you, Bam - it's good to know that these wonderful plugins will continue to have a good home after the developer's site disappears.

Until the end of 2015 most of these were payware, so even in simple monetary terms this is one of the most generous free gifts I've ever seen from any developer.
And while MaxSynths never had the hype or attention lavished on some of today's more familiar brands, his instruments were the much-loved 'secret weapons' in many a professional musician's vst folder.
Latte has long been one of my personal favourite VAs, the 4-voice free version alone surely worth more than the 20-euro asking price of the full product; and Nero has one of the best filters ever to grace a softsynth.

We're losing too many great developers lately, for a whole variety of reasons - and not only Synthedit or freeware developers. (Even the mighty LinPlug has ceased trading.)
And I don't think it's just nostalgia that makes me feel that we're losing some of the best.
The sheer joy and excitement of the early days of VSTs (particularly after Synthedit acquired the ability to export to VST format - and was available for free) are impossible to describe to anyone who 'wasn't there', and the explosion of creativity it generated was unlike anything seen since.
By comparison, for all their tecnological superiority, most of today's plugins seem to be competing on the same small, safe, familiar territory - homogeneous, anodine, sterile.

MaxSynths plugins have character and individuality, real power and flexiblity, and a quality of sound to rival the best.
Enjoy them.
Use them.
And if you can - while you can - you might like to 'buy him a coffee'.

Thanks, Massimo - may you reap what you have sown.
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(24-08-2017, 10:46 PM)bluesmoke Wrote: Thank you, Bam - it's good to know that these wonderful plugins will continue to have a good home after the developer's site disappears.

And if you can - while you can - you might like to 'buy him a coffee'.

Thanks, Massimo - may you reap what you have sown.

Or bye me a coffee Grins
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
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THANK YOU! Latte full is now a classic!
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