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VSTI major sketch pad - for registered Users to download!
major sketch pad

[Image: Xe06uXb.jpg]

The major sketch pad is a software VST based instrument. It does produce sound with its internal soundfont players but is not necessarily intended for music production, it is rather intended for arrangement production.

The major sketch pad is developed for pc and have been tested in Windows XP. I’m not sure about the system recommendations. But I’m sure they aren’t too high. You need a host that is compatible with the VST standard in order to use the major sketch pad. You install the plugin by simply putting the “MajorSketchPad.dll” in your VST directory. It is also important to put the folder “MajorSketchPad” in the same directory as the dll file. The folder contains a SF2 file named “library” and without that file in that exact directory you won’t be able to use the major sketch pads internal soundfont players.

The major sketch pad is basically a chorder in combination with a step sequencer. The step sequencer gets triggered by ordinary midi notes and each step can contain a different chord. That means that you can play monophonic melodies and turn them into whole, rough, arrangements.

This thing is ideal if you happen to have “writer’s block” because all you need is a simple melody and then you are on the go again. This kind of chord sequencer is also a great thing to use if you already have a good melody or arrangement but want to try and improve its quality. Too see how an already good line potentially could sound different or even better with other chords applied to it.

.zip (Size: 11.49 MB / Downloads: 14)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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Pass if needed: bam4LoFo

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