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[Image: GlpPBGb.jpg]

3 Distortion Phase Oscillator.
2 VCF (parallel or serial).
2 VCA, 4 LFO (sync).
2 supplementary envelopes for modulation .
1 section Flow for the DCO and VCF.
1 section Granular.
Fx: Chorus, 2 Delays (manual BPM) , Badhead (soft distortion).

.rar   polydpo_m.rar (Size: 1.32 MB / Downloads: 27)
Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
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  • Henry Jimdrix
To whom should i say thank you ? There is no name of the maker on it or in the description. I really dont understand when a work is anonym

you may say "Thank you" to Bam for loading it up. Original credits go to Jeff51 /Mao Passion (The link on the KVR-Site is dead, though).

Oh yes, and LOOK HERE for Jeff's plugins. Wink
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.

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