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Music-Society presents WaveFlex FBG-1 by GyL-Synths and Soundbank by Kujashi
Music-Society presents WaveFlex FBG-1 by GyL-Synths and Soundbank by Kujashi

[Image: rqOdPjQ.png]

WaveFlex FBG-1

At the end of January Bam asked me to make a synth for the 5th Anniversary of Music Society.
I started a bit late (had lot of other thing to do) and 2nd of February was too close to finish it. I changed the plan and it became an Anniversary synth for my Facebook group. FBG-1 means: FaceBook Group - 1 year... :-)
I wrote Bam, that as it will be finished, I'll share here too - hope you (Forum members) like it...
The initial inspiration was a Dune 2 screenshot, but my demo expired before really could try it, so it was made by my ideas, not much common with the original. Dune 2 is far better surely, but WF is quite Flex-ible too. :-)
Main features:
- 2 oscillators + sub and noise
- the main oscillators have 4 working modes
- 1st mode is the wave construction - not remember that seen similar, maybe completely my idea. The full wave has 2 sections, which can be modified by the 3-3 knobs (height of the start, middle and end points) + 1-1 selector for the shaping (rectangular steps, straight lines or cubic curves between the points). Originally tried a Linplug MorpX-like asymmetry knob (and switches) too, worked but in one direction it generated too high CPU load for a moment, while in the other direction it was negligable and worked fine, so finally removed.
- 2nd mode is an additive oscillator, similar to Adder, but has 32 harmonics instead of 16
- 3rd is a wavedraw osc - you can creat your own waves and it can be saved to a text based file (lot of floating point number between -1..1) or load from a saved txt file
-4th is a single cycle wave loader. This is a very short .wav file, only 1 wave cutted out of a sound. There are collections on the net, I used the Adventure Kid version - I think that is the most famous (the creator is in my group too :-) ). It has 4300 waves in several folders. The oscillator can load these waves and saves the shape into the presets as the wavedraw osc too (this is the reason, why the preset file is bigger than usually).
If you just are a preset user, the collection not needed, as it loads the shape from the preset file.
If you want to try other waves, should download this or other collections and press the load button. As you loaded 1 wave, it remembers to the path and you can browse the folder by the left-right arrows, or select a wave directly from the drop-down menu. I attached a pic in the .zip how I store these files. I've used this in my 2nd and 3rd patch - when I open the WF and select these presets, I can instantly change the waves in this way.
- both oscs has a simple, independent unison mode (far less advanced than the Dune 2, CPU load would be too high with 7-8x unison, I think)
- the Saturation further changes the waveshape, you can see the effect on the displays and of course can hear too
- the noise oscillator has white/pink/brown settings
- the sub osc de-tunable by -1 or -2 octaves from the B osc and has 5 wave types
- regarding tuning the Osc-A is the master, the Tune here is a kind of transpose for all oscs
- the Osc-B detunable from the A by -5...+5 octaves, -12...+12 semis and the fine has -1...+1 semitone range
- all 4 osc types can handle the Random trigger: at 1st random shaping and knob positions, at 2nd a randomly generated shape applied to the harmonics, at 3rd the generated random wave re-drawable, modifiable by hand (and savable), at 4th the program selects a wave file from the current directory (needed to know the absolute path, see upper)
- the mixer section contains the level knobs for all oscs (at A-B the mix and their common level) + some FM and Ring mod
- there are 2 Filters. The 2nd can be added to the 1st parallel or serial way
- 21 more or less different filter type, even formant and 8th order Butterworth too, what I found around me
- the filter display mostly shows how the sound cutted in real-time, just cannot really follow the too fast modulation
- there are 3 syncable LFO with an envelope-based fade-in function
- 8 bars...1/64 bar sync times with d and t times too
- the MP button switches the LFO's amplitude range between -1..+1 and 0..+1 (Mono Pole). The 2nd option useful for Saturation, Resonance and Formant, as they work in this not-negative range, but can be good for cutoff ot other modulations too.
- there are 3 ADSR envelopes with simple displays - the amp has the 1st one; you should dedicate mod 1-2 envs to filter(s) if wish to use
- there is a graphic "multi segment envelope generator" (MSEG) under the virtual keyboard - it has lot of possibility in its menu
- 4 octaves keyboard with mod- and pitchwheel - adjustable the range of the Pitchwheel - independent glide for A and B oscs
- pitchwheel can be directed to A or B or both oscs
- polyphony: 1...8 voices - try to use the lowest possible value, if have high CPU load
- that big window has 5 pages for additional functions
- the SEQ page has 2 pcs of 2 octaves step sequencer, which are connected in serial configuration, so can be programmed 16x16 steps + there is an "ARP" - similar to the sequencers, but with octave steps
- the EFFECT has a 4 range equalizer, a phaser, a dual function delay (ping-pong and echo), reverb + chorus/flanger. These are similar to the Saturn's FX part, the phaser is new here
- there is a "stock" compressor from Flowstone - I just redesigned it. Never used earlier, because it needs too much space on GUI, but here I had it. I have no real experience with comp., hope can be useful for those, who need it...
- the matrix page has 8 buses. 11 incoming modulations can be adjusted and send to 29 destinations. Aftertouch not tested by me, but the rest seems working - time will tell...
- the 1st window contains the presets - 96 pcs is a bank actually. There is a .txt based saving-loading, which not tested. I always use the .fxb banks as it worked fine for me always
- the main section contains the Volume knob (logarithmic), some limited velocity sensitivity to level and a pano knob to modify the sound's L-R position
- the output wave display is somewhat more stable than earlier
- the usual Random-Reset works on most of the components - press Reset to get an initial preset (an empty bank is attached to the .zip too, can be copied to get more empties)
- knobs have midi forget/learn function - you can save the choosen connections (cc values) to the actual preset - hope it works well - at me yes
- double clicking sets the knobs to default value
- Kujashi-made soundbank with 96 fantastic patches + 16 demo sounds from me
- Kujashi-made demo music bellow
- further pictures are in the .zip

Demo by Kujashi

Demo by Bam Dorner

Demo by VST Planet

Important: Dieses VSTI ist nur auf der Seite zu bekommen. Man kann es auf anderen Seiten anbieten, mit dem Link zu dieser Seite. Wer es auf wo anders zum Download anbietet, dessen Account wird sofort gebannt und gelöscht!!!
Get this VSTi @ only !
You are  not allowed to offer this download at other sites without linking to this page.
Users who offer it @ other places without linking to will get banned and lose their account immediately.

And don´t forget to say thanks

.rar   WaveFlex FBG-1 with Kujashi Bank.rar (Size: 3.17 MB / Downloads: 122)
Many thanX

Looks very playable.

Peace Out !
Thanks Dee Jay, hope it works well at you! :-)
I'll try to use it right now
Thanks nomad103, hope it will be a useful tool! :-)
Thanks substage, hope you'll like it! :-)
Thank you, will give it a go!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
OK! Thanks chillsuk! :-)
I too, dear MS-Aloysius! :-)
Thanks a lot...!  Smile
I too, dear guip! Hope, you will like it! :-)
I'm trying it right after the download.
Thank you very much!
(12-03-2017, 04:05 AM)herrmahr link Wrote:I'm trying it right after the download.
Thank you very much!

Please, dear herrmahr!
Hope you'll enjoy it! Smile
saw the YT video - seems a really cool synth. Will try it out soon when I manage to tweak anything useful out of Ableton. Thanks for sharing!
Best, Helli
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.
(20-03-2017, 12:18 AM)tf-drone link Wrote:Hi,
saw the YT video - seems a really cool synth. Will try it out soon when I manage to tweak anything useful out of Ableton. Thanks for sharing!
Best, Helli

Hi tf-drone / Helli!
Thanks! Hope your Ableton still can handle 32 bit VSTs...! Smile
Awesome...Thanks a lot!
(23-03-2017, 10:20 AM)Kmeer link Wrote:Awesome...Thanks a lot!
Hi, dear Kmeer! Thanks and enjoy it! Smile,
Hi Gyl,

mit jbridge geht es - so weit bin ich schon gggg
Schöne Grüße - Best wishes, Helli

...immer cool bleiben.
Thanks for making this available, it sounds quite nice in the demo song!

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