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Density MkII
Density mkII
[Image: gSevZ.jpg]

Density mkII – the smooth and versatile stereo bus dynamic processor

Quote:Bob says:
August 29, 2009 at 12:25 pm
a short review (comparing to UAD Fairchild):

Obviously Density2 don`t wants to be a Fairchild, looking at great differences in attack and release times from p3 to p6 and diferences in the GUI and sound. But this is not nessesary too, because it was meant as a descendant of Density, which was focused on only one thing – DENSITY in a highly sophisticated way! I`m shure the reasons for making it more fairchildlike was the fact, that its inner structure was similar to this “holy grail” anyway.

But this doesnt mean that there are no similarities. One of the Faichild talents, that Density2 definitely has is the very fast peak taming, that can round up harsh transients making them sound more pleasant. The most fairchildlike sound i found with 100% wet 100% relax with filter on and in comp mode p1. The way all signals seem to hover on an equal level here is very FClike. Of course there is a lot of nice room informations coming up with this low release setting, so i`m shure its very useful as a hall effect and overhead compressor too.

What Density2 seems to be completely unable to is pumping. And as you can hear and see on the uaudio website, the Faichild can pump very musical on Acoustic Guitar if you want him to do so. So when ever you want to point out those intimate breathing and noise artifacts for Jazz issues, a good track compressor (for e.g. “BF”) should be a better choice.

However, Density2 is unique in its class. In the face of its numerous features and the dense and hoving sound, it is rightly the best buss and mastering compressor on the freeware market, and can be a good alternative to the fairchild in some special cases. So if it is density, what you want to have in your mix, you should choose nothing else than this as well.
Hast Du zufällig auch den Link zu der Site, bzgl Download ? Wink

Du machst das einfach mit Absicht Smile
Ich schreibe 2 Worte und noch vor ich mich überlegt habe wie ich mein Satz zu ende schreibe hast du schon geantwortet.
F6a45be4d3aba6354a6b6bb00d836c00 neee....nur ein bißchen Wink
Ich nütze solche Tools eigentlich ni, weil ich mich mit masteren nicht beschäftige aber war in mein DAW installiert
und hat es aus versehen geladen auf ein Drumloop und war erstaunt von das ergebnis.
Ist eher was für die Feinarbeit glaube ich.
Nützt ihr sowas in euere Produktionen? Wo genau? Und welche alternatieven besitzt ihr denn?

Oh...und die Gui ist wunderschön oder?
Du hast das Bild und höchstwahrscheinlich bei Phozobucket hoch geladen, wenn die Seite überlastet ist, und das ist sie oft, dann sieht man kein Bild

Der direkte DL-Link ist:

Don't forget to write or click a thank you, because it takes a lot of work to search the files.
Free 50 GB Cloud
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo

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