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DX7 - Dexed 25th Anniversary_KUJASHI Soundbanks
(20-11-2016, 02:15 PM)Kujaschi link Wrote:Hello Mr Sounddigger,

mmh - at first, the "SynthX"-example sound by the "DEXED",
was played in the MKI-mode.....
So, I´m using the 0.8 version, not the actually update.....
It has all got a bit confusing. But here, SynthX  played with v 0.8.0 in "Mark I" mode sounds better than what you posted. You might want to check, or not... Dunno Anyway...

Maybe a useful tip: normally Dexed can't have different versions installed at the same time. But using jBridge you can install different versions for comparison or other uses.

Quote:That seems to be the reason for some "sound-differences".....
and this is the reason too, I´m looking for a DX7 on ebay -
again after so many years....
for sure, it´s a little bit of nostalgia and the truth,
it´s software-successors can indeed reproduce most of that DX7 sound,
but not at 100%.
I strongly believe in the value of "classics". It be synth classics or classic classics Grins

Today, there are a number of emulations of classic synths (through various methods), that really have opened up incredible possibilities, undreamed of 20 years ago. But sometimes, only the real thing will do. Sometimes, it can be enough to just have good samples, and in rare cases, you have to get the original machine.

Personally, I'm delighted by the possibilities offered by Dexed and FM8. Throughout my life I've had to find workarounds to realize certain sounds, due to not having certain synths or certain musicians available. These VSTs can hardly be called "workarounds", since they are so incredibly close to the real thing. :anbet It's all just about putting them to good use, really.

Quote:And do you remember the DX7 effect patch "Water Garden"?
So hit any keys and hold this sound with the use of a sustain-pedal.....
I can remember this sweet and interesting collage of digital "waterdrops"
and NONE of the software successors can reproduce this patch in the same way.
Sounds interesting. I have a very nice sound called "Water GDN", which seems derived from what you describe, but it's a very short bright organ type sound, great for sequences (the way it has always sounded on TX802).

Could you post that preset? I'd love to hear it Clap

Quote:And just another thing:
I have an "accident" patch, somewhere in my collection - just "ghostnoises".
So, no "real" sound, but cos of the "bad" converters in the DX,
it produces some noise and so in a special adjustment,
the FM OP´s produces some crazy frequencies, that whooshes up and down,
glimmering, shimmering.
You only have to raise up the output volume to maximum, to hear that.
It was crazy - so if I had sampled the output, put a delay after that sound
and you´ve got an amazing, selftextured "sci-fi" sound.
Unfortunately -when I load this "patch" into the FM7 or Dexed, you will hear:
That´s a pure DX phenomenon..... just another reason for the original....
If it's "unmissable", then you should definitely get it! (nice signature quote, btw Wink )

Quote:It seems, some sounds have a better touch of the original, played with the
FM7/FM8 and some other sounds good, played by the Dexed (depend on the
used version and MKI or Modern-mode).
I can agree with that 8)

Quote:All in all - this thread and positive reactions showed me:
FM isn´t dead and there is far more interest, as I´ve ever thought.
I knows, my collection is there, but didn´t touch any of these sounds for years.
Now, they came back to light ....

Somewhere on KVR, there is a new thread about a "Arturia DX7", ok
Just a member wrote, it isn´t worth it, cos there aren´t too much good DX7
sounds out there.
This isn´t true: It´s just a own universe - you only have to explore....
Millions of new sounds are waiting - never heard before....
But most people in the past or nowadays never touched this synthesis/synth
right or got deeper - like it was alien technology - but it isn´t..  Big Grin
It´s an amazing world of sound....  Bye
Those people who claim there are "no sounds" for DX7 type synths, are just not thinking clearly and ... lazy, since there are so many banks with zillions of sounds, waiting to be discovered and (ab)used, and so many to be invented, as you rightly point out.

As far as I remember FM synthesis has always got a bad rap from many analog synthesis afficionados (of which I'm one, of course). But it's nonsens. I have some sounds in my DX7 library that sound more "analog" than analog: warm, fat, etc... Sure, they can also sound "sterile", "stark", or "eerie", but that can precisely be what makes them work.

And how much analogs can really do good Rhodes-type sounds, that really offer a good alternative to a real Rhodes (or samples of it)?

Also, I think an extra factor is the incredible avalanche of possibilities we have today. A result of this is that developers and sound programmers try to be too many things, to too many people.

Beginning producers/musicians are often seduced (or "dazzled") with VSTs that offer a fully produced sound, with chorus, delay and often even compression, eq, etc...

In many cases it's overkill, and often makes up for sounds that are not that interesting at the basis. Add to this the fact that 3rd party comps, eqs and other FX often sound better...

In contrast, DX7 sounds just offer the raw FM sounds. It's raw beauty, but you have to work on them to really bring them to life. Once you do, the rewards can be great!

Also, nobody said that you have to use the DX7 sounds for everything. It's just that you CAN, if you'd like to! Grins

Things to think about in this "black friday" and weinachten period  :dudideldei

Grussen!  :band

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