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DX7 - Dexed 25th Anniversary_KUJASHI Soundbanks
(18-11-2016, 12:29 PM)Kujaschi link Wrote:
Hello Sounddigger,

[align=center]yah you´re right in some things....

But do you know, if the "DX-engine" is the same as in FM7?

I don´t own FM8 - I´m using FM7 for years, cos I´ve never updated.
The FM7 always fits my needs - for my own DX-sounds and the
good factorypatches of the FM7 itself....
If I understood correctly, soundwise FM8 should render original DX presets the same as FM7.

Quote:So, if there are differences between a TX802/816 and a DX7, there
must be differences in the software too.
I don´t know....

For me, the "Atmo5" sounds very similar in FM7 as in the Dexed....
in Dexed to 80% - this "Yelling" is too quiet....
I have a very old song, I´ve used that sound and can compare to this.
But ok, we wont be too fussy...

For the "SynthX" - you may be right....
This patch sounds different in the DX7 as in the FM7 and far away
from that in Dexed....
Here´s a little example:

SynthX - Dexed:

SynthX - FM7:

I´ve tried to fiddle in Dexed, to get the same result, but had to surrender....
Equal if "velocity", "Feedback" and some other parameters, i can´t get the
result like in FM7 or just the DX7....
Hey Kujashi, you know what? We got fooled by Dexed's updates!  : i bi bled

While double checking your audio examples in various ways, I found out that there's a big difference in the way Dexed v 0.8.0 "Mark I" mode sounds compared to v 0.9.2b1 "Mark I" mode.

Since I created a handy library for v 0.8.0 that I have not yet had the time to transport to the update's formats, this is the version I was checking sounds with, most of the time.

The SynthX preset played with v 0.8.0 Mark I sounds much brighter than with v 0.9.2b1 Mark I !!

And SynthX played with v 0.9.2b1 Mark I sounds much more like my TX802 than when played with v 0.8.0, albeit a little less bright (not great). So the developer actually did a fairly good job. It's just a bit confusing...

Additionally, it sounds to me that you ended up using v 0.9.x in "Modern" mode, not "Mark I". So that makes it even more off... duh.  :o

This also explains the different findings with the Atmo5 preset.  v 0.9.x Mark I sounds spot on like my TX802.

Quote:"SynthX" in the DX7 sounds more silky, ...
I don't exactly know what was modeled with  v 0.8.0 Mark I, but SynthX played with that version actually has a bit of the "silky" element you're describing.

Quote:... more like....mmmh Do you remember
that soundtrack from the movie "Das Boot", by Klaus Doldinger?

At the end of the "melody" there is that huge, majestic synthsound....
"SynthX" sounds similar, but a little more brighter - in the DX7...
and without this "Feedback" sizzle noise....but with more digital clearness.
But ok, we wont be holier than the pope....
Looks to me you're talking about the following version, with that sound at 1:47:

SynthX played with  v 0.8.0 Mark I sounds quite close to that.

For a possible alternative that sounds close to it in v 0.9.x, check the attached file. Find the preset called "Powerclav". It sounds very close to my TX802 (but admittedly not 100%), and a bit better than the FM8 rendition. It's not as silky as SynthX played with  v 0.8.0 Mark I, but you might be able to tweak it into what you want.

Quote:Cos of this thread and re-working with my collection, I´m thinking
to buy a DX7 again....
The DX seems to be cheap on Ebay these times and why not....
Seems like a good idea. I suspect a DX7 in good condition might become a valuable collectors item one day, seeing how it was the first popular FM synth. So it should be a sound investment (notice the pun! Wink )

Saw an interesting offer on eBay a few hours ago, at 400 €. It's gone now... So that tells you something.

Quote:BTW it has a very good keyboard with nice aftertouch/dynamic ...
Yup, some people really like it. Personally, I prefer a weighted keyboard for most of what I play. But there's a place for everything.

Quote:... and it seems, i can patch these kind of sounds, more on the original
as in my FM7 or Dexed - thats funny, crazy....
It´s 25 years ago and so much happened....
i´m curious which kind of sounds, I will explore out of the DX7 nowadays....
I wasn't able to find a video with some comparisons between the DX7 and other versions, like DX7II, TX802 or TX816. Would've been interesting to clarify a few things if there were some.

Going through a few videos of DX/TX demos, personally I'd say the TX802 often sounds better than DX7. And I know that the TX816 sounds fatter than TX802 (not always the best option, though - but great for bass and such).

DX7II is 2 x 16 voice DX7. TX802 is 8 x 2 voice DX7. TX816 is 8 x 16 voice DX7, and slightly fatter (better components?).

A comment at claims there are differences in the output (not in the oscillators):

Quote:"The reson for the differet sound betwen the TX-802 and the TX-7/DX7 are that the first generations (TX7/DX7) had 10 bit output. The DX7 II and the TX802 have 12 or 16 bit (cant remember) outputs"

Service manuals clearly show mk1 family is 14-bit (12-bit DAC + 2 of analogue companding) vs mkII family with 15-bit DAC. People throw around DAC numbers, most wrong. So are a lot of claims about sound quality.

Here are some interesting vids showcasing the sounds of these:

Sort of a comparison between DX7, DX7II, but not the same preset!

DX7 factory presets

Some DX7II sounds

Some TX802 sounds (very much like Dexed Mark I)

Nice demo with only TX802

And a nice one with TX816 (no FX)

Viel spass  Smilie_op_007

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.syx   Powerclav.syx (Size: 4.01 KB / Downloads: 2)

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